👋 We’re MarbleFlows

We make lead generation and engagement platform to help you communicate with your visitors and users in the place and time you need it.

Why we do it?

MarbleFlows is on a mission provide companies with the product that helps them to generate leads effectively and engage with customers on their terms: the place and time they need it.

Be it a website, a product or an academy, we believe that interactive personalised flows is the way to convert leads, boost product adoption,  and onboard the users effortlessly.

We want to make lead generation and engagement with your users easy and personalised.

These drive us forward

Get done and improve – We are constantly working on improving MarbleFlows. Aiming higher and delivering today a better experience than yesterday, that's what is important.

Our users We get inspired by our users, who benefit from MarbleFlows and provide extra value for their customers.

MarbleFlows team – We are a community of people, aiming at providing the tool for engaging with your customers they way you want it.

Leadership Team

Iuliia Shnai
Alexey Sytnikov
Alena Meshcheriakova
Gustavo Borges
Lead Software Engineer
Umar Gulraiz
Software Engineer
Sasha Kulkova
Content Manager
Derrick Amenuve
Product Designer
Wandji Bertrand
Junior Software Engineer