To boost engagement with your audience
No code editor – Easy to navigate and build editor to create engaging flows for your audience.
Unlimited content blocks – A variety of content blocks to create the journey you need: text, image, videos, buttons, games.
Embedded anywhere – Easily shared via link, widget or an iframe to the place you need it.

Step 1

Create flows with NO-CODE

1000+ design variations
100+ templates
Resizable canvas
Unlimited journeys

Step 2

Share as link & in product

Share as a link
Embed as a widget
Integrate as a part of product or website (Iframe)

Step 3

Analyse data

Gather the data on each flow
A/B test different user journeys
Compare with the product usage data

MarbleFlows for marketing teams


“Loving the design!”
Caroline R.
Marketing Manager
“We can customise the flow based on our need”
Emily Vo
Growth Hacker
“Canva for user onboarding”
Amer. C
Founder, CFO
Build clickthrough flow

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