How Talbit personalises user onboarding journey

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Talbit is a personal development SaaS
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“Setting up Marble flow and installing it to the product is relatively easy. We can customise the flow based on our need to target different users' journeys.
Also, flow analytics helps us understand the end users' need for information and quickly act to respond.”

Talbit is an Employee Development solution to help companies develop their employees' skills and competences. The platform's primary goal is to bridge the gap between employees' skills and the company's need to grow by making goals and critical skills visible to everyone and connecting employees with development opportunities that fit their goals, roles, and competencies.

Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles.

Personalised touch – A contextual product onboarding designed for each user group.

Data-driven decision – User behaviour data based on the analytics from the flow.

Increase in usage of key features – Better features understanding and product usage at its fullest.

User segmentation – Better understanding of users and their needs to fulfil with the product.

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Knowing what users need and how a product can fulfil those needs is important, right? And that is what Talbit team was thinking about. The question was how to understand very clearly who the customers are, how they are different and what targets they try to achieve with Talbit.
With this goal Talbit and MarbleFlows started to work together.

Personalised touch
First of all the task was to address each of the user groups differently and to offer them personalised for them journey. With this in mind MarbleFlows created a flow for each of the user groups and filled it with the steps needed to get them introduced to Talbit.

This asynchronous flow allowed Talbit to understand what users were interested in and what they hoped to achieve. This brought the team to the next goal.

Increased usage of key features
The onboarding used previously was a simple fit-for-all journey, that did not allow to see if the users understood the product features and were ready to use the product at its full capacity.

After creating a contextual onboarding with product learning inside it, Talbit got the possibility to educate users on the most important features directly from the product without any need to leave the product to another stand-alone education solution. Naturally, this in-app education perspective showed an increased usage of key features.

Data-driven decisions
Based on the analytics that the company received from the flow, it became possible to form data-driven decisions on product development and user approaches. Talbit got understanding of different user segments behaviour in-product and their expectations towards the product. This, in its turn, allowed to form long-lasting customer relationships and increase product retention and engagement.

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