Increase active users in 1 week

Activate monthly  users (MAU) in your product
“Amazing design!”
Caroline R.

Create gamified experience for your users

Boost engagement– Gather feedback, interact and use gamification.
Address them personally – Segment users and create personal approach.
A/B testing and improvements– Learn more about your users by testing different journeys.

MarbleFlows makes it simple.

Amazing Design
1. Create engaging journeys– Design them the way you want it and change on the way.
2. Add interactive elements– Use videos, quizzes, forms and other gamified elements.
Shared with your audience
3. Make journeys part of your product– Save time of your development team.
The visitors
Time spent
4. Analyse the results-It helps you to understand your users better and improve.
“We can customise the widget based on our needs. A/B test and convert more leads.”
Emily Vo
Growth Hacker

Start with a template

Create your first interactive flows from one of our templates

Educate your customers in-product, on the website and any platform to provide great onboarding and product usage experience