First, feed ChatGPT with information about your business. The more details you provide the more tailored to your needs and results will be.

1. Product intro

Our company name is [company name]. Our product helps [target customer] to [solve the problem]. We have [number of users] who create accounts every day. I need to design user onboarding for our specific [industry]. I evaluate the complexity of our software as [simple/average/complex]

2. General request

I need to create user onboarding for [company name] which will help me to gather more information from our [target customer], and explain how users can [solve their problem].

3. Location

Where should I locate user onboarding for my [company name] software?

4. Questions for your user onboarding

Which questions to ask [target customer] in our user onboarding [company name] for the [industry]? Please provide the questions with possible answers.

5. Segmentation

How I can segment users which sign up for [company name] software? Which groups should I segment them for, please provide 5 short examples of the best segmentation groups for [company name]

6. Video script

I need a script for a 1-minute video explainer for our [company name/type] software. Please provide the text and description for visuals.

7. Pages/ Steps

How many steps should I include in my product user onboarding to make it more effective and engage users better?

8. Step-by-step instruction

Can you provide an example of the step-by-step instruction for [company name/type] software that will be located in the product?

9. Onboarding emails

I need an email drip campaign with 3 short draft emails that will onboard [target users] and persuade them to get back to the [my product]. Could you make it short and crisp?

10. Metrics

Which metrics should I measure to estimate the effectiveness of my in-product user onboarding and email sequence user onboarding?