What is Convertflow?

Convertflow alternatives

With ConvertFlow you can create both popups and landing pages.

Popups- are interactive widgets added directly to your website to convert more leads or engage visitors.

We will focus more on popups builders and other Convertflow alternatives which allow you to create the best interactive flows.

If you are ready to see the best ConvertFlow alternative available there. Just jump here and see the full comparison.

Top Convertflow alternatives

You can find Convertflow alternatives for landing pages and for

#1 MarbleFlows

#2 OptinMonster

#3 ClickFunnels

#4 Carthook

Why do you need Convertflow alternative?

There are negative reviews that can lead you to seriously consider using alternatives for lead generation and building interactive funnels for your users.

Our 5 main reasons to consider Convertflow alternatives are based on their users’ reviews presented on G2 and Capterra.

1. Save yourself from Bugs ❌

“The creation of these surveys, forms and landing pages is riddled with bugs, and the bugs have persisted without a fix for the full time I have used the software”

Users mention a lot of small bugs which appear while creating surveys on Convertflow.

2.  Support is frozen ❌

Terrible, I'm going with another provider because they have terrible customer support.

3. Can you rely on it. I found a glitch ❌

After I was trying to sign in I already found a glitch. Basically after one click

"It is not unusual to have their server fail and cause additional delays and problems. What has happened more recently is much more troubling."

Convertflow Glitch

4. But what is more disappointing is it really interactive?

It offers 5 types of interactions that will fit your Shopify-powered shop the best.

If we compare it with one of the best alternatives, MarbleFlows it has so much less customization and interactive elements. At the same time, ConvertFlow pricing is harsh

How does Convertflow work?

Convertflow is a funnel builder for e-commerce at its core.

With ConvertFlow you can create Convertflow flows for different purposes. The main Convertflow features include:

  • Convertflow announcement bar
  • Convertflow hello bar
  • Convertflow shopify
  • Convertflow landing page
  • Convertflow quiz
  • Convertflow survey
  • Converflow form

Convertflow integrations

Convertflow integrates with the different tools including Convertflow HubSpot integration

and Convertflow active campaign integrations.

Convertflow review

Convertflow rating on G2 4.4 of 5 🌟

You can find reviews for convertflow landing page builder review and for it as a popup builder

You can find more additional information about Convertflow business from their Convertflow LinkedIn, about the topic from Convertflow blog.

If you have any issues there is Convertflow documentation available.

Convertflow review

Convertflow pricing

Your main question is probably “How much is Convertflow?”

The pricing ranges based on domains

There are 3 main tiers on ConvertFlow pricing page.

  • The Pro starts at $99/month when billed monthly with 1 website account
  • The Teams starts at $99/month when billed monthly, with 3 websites.
  • The Launch  $2000 paid once

These is a type of Convertflow lifetime deal.

#1 ConvertFlow vs MarbleFlows 🌸

MarbleFlows is the best ConvertFlow alternative out there.

MarbleFlows- is a no-code interactive flow builder that you can use to increase lead generation and conversion.

MarbleFlows is more flexible and interactive alternative to ConvertFlow which offer more diverse templates with astonishing design and flexibility.

Interactive flows powered by MarbleFlows

With MarbleFlows you can create:

  • Interactive resizable flows to convert more leads
  • Beautiful popups which users want to click
  • In product interactive components, help centers and navigations
  • Funnels for your app
  • Games and gamified elements

You can build various kinds of formats, like

Full page, Slider, Popup of any Size, Embed

Why MarbleFlows as best Convertflow alternative ?🌸

Because of 3 simple Wow -features you will not find anywhere!

#1 Wow You can resize your flow the way you want and need

#2 Wow UI is just amazing, and users love to click through them

#3 Wow Easily embed your flow as a widget, as an iframe, or full page via the link

MarbleFlows reviews:

👍Users underline how quickly and easy it is to create the Flow with MarbleFlows.

👎 The simplicity of the tool can be a minus sometimes.

MarbleFlows pricing:

MarbleFlows offer unlimited content components and unlimited websites. You can start free and use MarbleFlows free forever.

MarbleFlows vs Convertflow

Here is a comparison between MarbleFlows vs Convertflow

Convertflow vs Marbleflows

#2 Convertflow vs Optinmonster

Optinmonster- is a software that helps to generate more leads from the website and for marketing automation.

Optinmonster can be the better option if you look at the popup empower solution which works with WordPress.

Optinmonster reviews:

Optinmonster rating on G2 4.1 of 5 🌟

👍”I have been using OptinMonster for a little over a month. First, the service has worked. It has almost tripled my email opt-ins. It's easy to use and customize to how you want it to look. Simply put, it works”

👎*"Works well once up and running but terrible UI."*

If you are a believer in the excellent UI then it worth to have at an alternative of OptinMonster. Users find that its UI is astonishing.

Optinmonster review

Optinmonster pricing:

Optinmonster can be purchased only for a yearly plan

Basic plan starts from $108/year, for 1 website.

#3 ConvertFlow vs ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process.

Clickfunnels alternative

Both platforms Converflow and Clickfunnel specialize on e-commerce segment.

Clickfunnels offers more integrations with other programs.

ClickFunnels pricing

Clickfunnels pricing

You can find more Clickfunnels reviews on Reddit and other platforms like that.

#4 Convertflow vs Carthook

Carthook - is one-click post-purchase offer to the Shopify checkout. Boost your revenue and AOV with offers your customers love.

If your focus to building upsells in Shopify- Carthook can be the best option for you to build Build post-purchase upsells

If you look to upsell from the product or your SaaS this tool can fit you better

Carthook pricing

There are other alternatives that focus primarily on website building and landing page creation. Among them is leadpages

You can compare pricing and features of clickfunnels vs leadpages vs convertflow also.



Convertflow is a tool to improve your marketing and lead generation. It is worth to look alternatives that can provide more flexibility, better user experience, and more features.