Here are 20 effective strategies to reengage inactive users.

Send email or in-app messages with personalized recommendations and updates on new features that may interest them.

#1 Segmentation

Segment users with Good onboarding to understand who leaves and why, and retarget the right people.

#2 Gamification

Add gamification elements. For example, quizzes to check knowledge or giveaway.

#3 Questions

Ask the right questions to groups of users who are willing to provide feedback.

#4 Onboarding email sequence

Onboard via an email sequence of simple, actionable messages to remind users about your product.

#5 Social media friends

Connect with users on social media, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, immediately after they create an account. Timing is important.

#6 Flexible pricing

Provide flexible pricing options for sensitive users who may leave due to high prices.

#7 Features

Define "dealbreaker" features and work to incorporate them later on for user satisfaction.

#8 Community

Build trust and a sense of community by showcasing active users, creating use cases, and providing valuable content.

#9 Customer Education

Educate users with free courses and resources to help them reach their goals, even if it's not directly related to your product.

#10 Provide support

Offer free consulting to help users fully understand and utilize your product.

#11 Incentives

Offer incentives, such as discounts or loyalty rewards, for returning users.

#12 Notifications

Re-engage inactive users with targeted push notifications about relevant content or updates.

#14 Referral

Create a referral program that rewards users for inviting their friends to try the product.

#15 Promotion

Run a re-engagement campaign with a limited-time offer or promotion.

#16 Survey

Conduct user research to understand why users are leaving and address any pain points or frustrations.

#17 Live support

Offer live support or one-on-one help to assist users with any issues they may be facing.

#18 Social media

Integrate social media and community features to encourage user engagement and create a sense of belonging.

#19 Updates

Make sure the product is constantly improving and evolving to meet the needs and expectations of the users.

#20 Free trial

Consider offering a free trial or a freemium model to give users a taste of the product and encourage them to upgrade.