With the rise of the millennial and Gen Z generation, many companies are wondering how to market their products and services to this tech-savvy generation. And what better way than through the apps they use all day?

As a millennial myself, I can tell you that advertising on these platforms can be an excellent opportunity for companies to reach us in our everyday lives. Learn more about this new marketing technique in this article!

#1 What is Jodel?

Jodel is a social media platform that allows users to share short posts and images with other users in their local area. It is a hyperlocal community that allows to engage with the people located near you.

It is similar to other popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, but with a focus on user locality, interaction and engagement.

Jodel itself states to have strong local engagement with 1 mln posts, where a user spends on average 27 minutes at the platform.

Jodel app

Jodel can be a great marketing tool for businesses targeting millennials and generation Z, as it provides a way to connect with this demographic in a native and authentic way. Businesses can use Jodel to share updates, special offers, and content that is relevant to their target audience.

Additionally, Jodel's geotagging feature can be used to target specific locations with marketing messages. According to Jodel, interaction rates are up to 50% and the community is really active, thus making the app a good way for marketing.

What is more, the platform has reported that over 50% of their audience is not using Facebook or Instagram, which is an interesting fact and creates a great marketing opportunity particularly for Jodel audience.

To get started using Jodel for marketing, businesses should create an account and start sharing content that is relevant to their target audience.

Additionally, businesses should interact with other users on the platform, and use the platform's geotagging feature to reach potential customers in specific locations.

#2 Why use Jodel or other apps for marketing to millennials?

There are a number of reasons to use Jodel or other similar apps for marketing to millennials. For one, apps like Jodel offer a unique way to reach out to this demographic. They're also extremely popular among millennials, so you'll have a captive audience.

Additionally, using Jodel or another app can help you to target your marketing more effectively.

You can segment your audience by age, interests, or even location. This ensures that your marketing dollars are going towards reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Finally, using an app like Jodel can also be a great way to build brand awareness. When people see your brand name pop up in their feed, they'll start to become familiar with it. This can help to increase brand recognition and ultimately lead to more sales.

#3 How to use Jodel for marketing

If you're looking to reach millennials, Jodel is a great option. It's an app that allows users to share short, text-based posts with each other. You can use Jodel to share news, events, or promotions with your target audience.

There are several ways to market a product on Jodel. The platform suggests to reach out to the audience through the following tools:

  • Display ads: either a video, or a picture ad, which can be shared, voted for and clicked by your audience.
  • Boosted posts: a locally promoted post, which users can engage with.
  • Color takeover: coloured Jodel platform during the marketing campaign.
Jodel advertising

#4 Other apps for marketing to millennials and generation Z

There are many other Jodel alternative apps out there that can be used to market to millennials. They are not providing the same functionality, yet can be used for marketing your products to this particular audience. Some of these include:

  • Snapchat: This app is perfect for marketing to millennials, as it is highly visual and very user-friendly. Plus, this audience is already using Snapchat in droves, so you’ll be able to reach them where they already are.
  • Instagram: Another highly visual platform, Instagram is perfect for sharing eye-catching photos and videos that will appeal to millennials and generation Z.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a great platform for reaching this demographic with your marketing message. You can create engaging videos that show off your brand in a fun and creative way.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a great way to connect with millennials in particular in a fast-paced, short-form way. This platform is perfect for sharing quick updates, news, and promotions.

Naturally, millennials and generation Z can be and are different in how they purchase online, what their decisions are based on and what drives them towards the purchase. But there are some common traits and platforms, that can be used for both of them to reach out to this particular demographic.

It is also comes natural, that generation Z and millennials are heavy mobile devices users. They tend to look for information, organise needed things and shop on mobile. And among these two groups, generation Z would be much more eager to do it on mobile, rather than millennials.

Thus, marketing through mobile apps seem logical for these demographic groups to create a comfortable and familiar for them shopping experience.

And yet, they use familiar to other audiences platforms to consume information, like Facebook or YouTube, there are many other apps, that are of peculiar to millennials and generation Z: Snapchat, Jodel, Reddit, etc.

#5 Conclusion

There's no doubt that marketing to millennials  or generation Z can be a challenge. They are  tech-savvy (millennials) or born with tech (gen Z), sophisticated audiences, that differ a lot, yet share many common things and factors, that have shaped their shopping and consuming behaviour.

The demographic is notoriously tough group to reach, but it's not impossible. Apps like Jodel offer a unique way to connect with this demographic and get your message across in a way that resonates with them. So if you're looking for an edge in your marketing efforts, give Jodel and other similar apps a try.