4 Best Leadquizzes alternatives

Leadquizzes alternatives? Lead quizzes alternatives?

Are you looking for the best lead quizzes alternative? Here you can find not only the best alternative but the best free lead quizzes alternative.  

Using Leadquizzes free alternative you can convert more leads and create upselling flows for your users.

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What is Leadquizzes?

LeadQuizzes helps users to create lead generation quizzes. Leadquizzes is software with strict limitations.  

Bummer 1. You can not create an account without submitting your credit card.  

Leadquizzzes alternatives

Leadquizzes reviews

Leadquizzes rating on G2 2.5 of 5 🌟 with only 2 reviews

Leadquizzzes rating on Capterra is 4.7 out of 5 🌟 from 11 reviews

Why there are such a limited amount of reviews if the guys state that they have over 20k users of Leadquizzes.

LeadQuizzes pricing

There are 3 main tiers on LeadQuizzes pricing page.

The pricing starts from at $49/month when billed monthly with 1 website account. The main limitations amount of websites and amount of responses.

6 reasons to consider Leadquizzes alternatives

There is a number of solid reasons which can lead you to consider Leadquizzes alternatives.

You will find commonly mentioned troubles users experience with LeadQuizzes reviews found on G2 and Capterra.

And here are reasons that can really make you consider Outgrow competitors.

Why not LeadQuizzes?

Card required to create account❌

Initially when you start creating account there are two big downsides.

Leadquizzes not allow you to create free account without card submission

Leadquizzzes free alternative

There is LeadQuizzes alternative which is totally free and does not require card for sign up. Only email is required.

No freemium ❌

You can not use Leadquizzes for free even in limited version.

Terrible customer support ❌

In addition to the fact that Leadquizzes software does not always work and some of Outgrow features claimed do not work, the Outgrow support is not the best you will be in touch with. Just see it yourself. There are dozens of Outgrow reviews stating this.

They will charge you instead ❌  

Instead of canceling subscription they can charge you.

In general lack of ability to cancel easily is not a great user experience.

LeadQuizzes review

Lack of customization ❌  

The customisation is essential if you want to convert more leads with quizzes. Unfortunately lead quizzes lack that.

There is one alternative which provides amazing custom and design options.

Low quality ❌  

LeadQuizzes provides a low quality quizzes for your users.

LeadQuizzes review

Best Leadquizzes alternatives

Time to look at how you can grow your business using one of the Outgrow competitors.

You are wondering what are the best alternatives to Outgrow?

Let's start with the one which boosts your growth.

#1 MarbleFlows

#2 Interact

#3 Outgrow

#4 Typeform

Best Leadquizzes alternative #1: MarbleFlows

#1 Leadquizzes vs MarbleFlows 🌸

MarbleFlows- is a no-code interactive flows builder that you can use to improve lead generation and conversion.

The main difference between Leadquizzes alternative and Leadquizzes is that with MArbleFlows you can build customised interactive flows, not just quizzes.

They are more interactive and engage users better.

Interactive flows powered by MarbleFlows

With MarbleFlows you can create:

  • Interactive resizable flows to convert more leads
  • Survey and clickthrough feedback forms
  • Beautiful popups which users want to click
  • In product interactive components, help centers and navigations
  • Funnels for your app
  • Games and gamified elements
MarbleFlows -interactive Flows

Why MarbleFlows is so special?🌸

Because of 3 simple Wows -features you will not find in any other lead generation software!

#1 Wow Resizable canvas for your eternal flexibility

#2 Wow Eternal amount of design variations with UI which make you click

#3 Wow Embeddable in any place: as a link, iframe or widget of any dimension

MarbleFlows reviews:

Content creators, marketers and entrepreneurs love MarbleFlows.

MArbleFlows reviews

MarbleFlows pricing

MarbleFlows is fully free for the start. It provides you with unlimited interactive components.

MarbleFlows vs Leadquizzes

Here is a comparison between MarbleFlows vs Leadquizzes in more detail.

Read more about free Leadquizzes alternative

LeadQuizzes vs MarbleFlows

We compared Leadquizzes vs MarbleFlows based on pricing, number of website submissions, interactive components/flows, embedding objects, UI, analytics and branding.

#2 Leadquizzes vs Interact quizzes:

Outgrow vs interact

Interact reviews

Interact rating on G2 4.7 of 5 🌟

Interact quizzes can be used for designing simple forms.

👍 People underline that these types of quizzing can be successfully used for lead generation.

👎People specifically notice the lack of support from Interact team and the slowness of the app. IT is also not possible

Interact pricing

  • The Litestarts at $39/month when billed annually with 100 responses
  • The Plus starts at $55/month when billed annually, again at 1000 responses.
  • The Business  $89/month when billed annually, again at 10000 responses.
Interact quizzes pricing

#3 Leadquizzes vs Typeform

Typeform - is the survey software with user-friendly and mobile-friendly design. It is rarely used for lead generation but can be.

Typeform is one of the most well know survey forms available there.


Typeform Reviews and Pricing

👍Typeform is for people who don't like the old interfaces of Google forms or Survey monkey. Designing a form, application, using the form they are all so comfortable and streamlined”- G2 reviews

👎 At the same time, there are many reviews complaining about the lack of functionality and incredibly high Typeform pricing.

Typeform pricing Basic starts at $25/month when billed monthly with 100 responses. There is a premium version without available details about the plan.

#4 LeadQuizzes vs Outgrow

Outgrow is one of the alternatives of Leadquizzes. In comparison with Leadquizzzes, Outgrow provides a premium plan and more diverse functionality for creating interactive flows.


Mostly Leadquizzes is compared with the quiz builders and generators. Leadquizzes value proposition is that it helps with lead generation therefore surveys are very limited functionality for it.

Therefore creating interactive flows and funnels like the one you can build on MarbleFlows can be the great free Leadquizzes alternative.

Hopefully, you found your best among all alernatives to LeadQuizzes