In this selection we’ve collected the sources for onboarding icons and compared them so that you can choose the best for you to create a perfect customer onboarding for your users.

What is  a customer onboarding icon?

An onboarding icon is a graphical representation of a concept, task, or action that is used to help users understand and complete a task on a website or app. They are often used in tutorials and walkthroughs to help users learn how to use a new website or app. Onboarding icons can be simple or complex, depending on the task they are meant to represent.

How can onboarding icons help your users?

Onboarding icons can be helpful when users are learning how to use a new website or app. Onboarding icons can help to make the learning process more fun and engaging for users. Additionally, onboarding icons can help to reduce the amount of text that needs to be displayed on screen, which can make tutorials and walkthroughs more user-friendly.

Where to find an onboarding icon?

There are many websites that offer collections of onboarding icons that can be downloaded and used on websites and apps. The platforms offering icons for usage differ in icons variety, pricing and formats of the icons. Let’s see at some of them and compare.


One of the most popular icons collection on the web offering over 7.8M icons and stickers. The website indeed provide a great collection of icons that might be needed for any case and the formats supported include SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

The drawback with Flaticon is that it offers a limited number of downloaded icons on the free plan as well as the only format possible for download - PNG.

Onboarding icon. Flaticon


Another source for an onboarding icon is Iconfinder. The resource provides access to 6M icons. Surprisingly, when searching for an onboarding icon specifically the results are pretty low in number: we’ve got only 25 icons. But if you search around the topic, for example “onboarding” or “customer”, you get much more of similar icons.

What is good about Iconfinder, is that once you search for some topic, it shows related terms helping you to refine the results.

Onboarding icon. Iconfinder

There are Free and Premium plans and free icons are available in PNG, SVG, ICO and ICNS formats, which is a wider choice than in Flaticon for instance.

The Premium plan costs 9$/month and covers only 10 icons per this period.

The Noun Project

When searching for an onboarding icon, The Noun Project is also shown in the results. It includes over 3M of various icons, among which 60 are an “onboarding” icon.

Onboarding icon. TheNounProject

The download of icons is available when signing up for the source and can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats. It is possible to download an onboarding icon fully for free with attribution. But if one wants to use icons without attribution, then it is possible to pay 2.99$/icon or 3.33$/month with an annual subscription.


If you are looking for an onboarding icon, IconArchive provides 384 onboarding icons among other 735,802.

Onboarding icon. IconArchive

The website looks very simplistic, yet offers to download lots of icons in different formats and sizes.

What is also good, is when checking a specific icon, the resource gives the possibility to see the whole icon set and maybe to use other icons from the set in your design.

The icons are downloadable in PNG, ICO and ICNS formats. And there is also a separate section with SVG icon sets.

Compared to other sources like Flaticon, IconArchive offers more details on each particular icon and gives more flexibility. And of course getting an onboarding icon for free is nice as well.


Shutterstock is a gigantic resource of images and icons, including over 415M pieces in total! Among them 53M are icons. So you can definitely find a good onboarding icon there.

Onboarding icon. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is incomparably big source of icons and images. Thus, for an onboarding icon you get 26522 icons.

There is a free trial of 1 month when you can get icons downloaded for free. Otherwise, it is possible to purchase either on-demand or subscription-based. Thus, for instance, having 10 downloads per month with no yearly commitments will cost 49$/month. Sounds a bit pricy compared to other sources.


As a source of an onboarding icon, the website Icons8 was a pleasure to use, taking into account its interface and a great variety of icons.

Onboarding icon. Icons8

Icon8 as stated on their website collects over 1.1M free icons to use. Finding the right one does not take much effort.

We absolutely loved the collections of stickers and how narrow the search of a particular icon can be. Also it is worth to praise a very user friendly download options with preferred format and icon size. Formats among others include PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.

Onboarding icon. Download. Icons8

iStock Photo

When looking for an onboarding icon in iStock Photo, you’ll get a lot to choose from - 24389 icons. The icons are conveniently presented in collections, thus allowing a possibility getting many icons in one style at ones.

Onboarding icon. iStock Photo

What is good about iStock Photo is that with the chosen collection you get a bunch of similar ones to compare and choose. iStock Photo also separates the icons into Essentials (with lowest price) and Signature (with best quality).

And a great thing about purchased on iStock Photo icons is that those can be used limitless anywhere.


IconScout offers over 4.7M design assets including over 4.1M icons. The number is impressive.

Finding a suitable icon would not take you much of time. The search is simple and allows to refine the search results with more filters.

Onboarding icon. IconScout

Generally, IconScout has only a paid version, but every day the resource is distributing one free for download asset with attribution. In this case the download is possible in many formats: SVG, PNG, EPS, AI, JPEG, ZIP.

Lots of icons are available under 19.99$/month subscription plan, and you get access to all assets with 24.99$/month with annual commitment.

Font Awesome

The last in our collection for an onboarding icon search tool is Font Awesome. One more tool for an easy search with several filters to refine the results.

Onboarding icon. Font Awesome

There are 16150 icons in total on the moment of writing this article. For an onboarding icon you don’t get much of results, but searching other related terms gives more icons in the results. The free version allows to download an icon instantly in SVG format.

For 99$/year, it is possible to get pro icons and some other additional features.

The agony of choices

It is absolutely great to have a big choice of onboarding icons to select from, though it might be confusing to understand where to start from.

One should decide based on the design they have, usability of the resource and other preferences. We've collected the described above resources for an onboarding icon in one table for easier comparison.

Onboarding icon. Tools comparison

While making this small research and trying out different sources for onboarding icons, we’ve liked for instance Icon8, which is not only a great collection of various icons, but also a pleasure to use website. We liked that you can add some effects and download super easily the icon in the format and size with no need for further modification.

Onboarding icon. Nice from Friends

If talking about a choice of icons, Iconfinder is another one. The variety of black and white and color icons is great and there is a nice selection of freely available icons.

Onboarding icon plays an important role in the design of a website or an app. Icons help to guide users through the website and make it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Onboarding icons can also help to make a website more visually appealing.

There are many reasons why you would want to use onboarding icons on your website or product. They can help to guide users through, making it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

An onboarding icon can also help to make your product or content more visually appealing. If you are designing a new website, or if you are redesigning some existing materials, then icons can help to improve the overall user experience.