It works similarly to Doc, making form building easy, quick, and effective. The platform offers tons of powerful features and, that too, for free. 

It's an excellent platform for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs that are looking to sell products online, get feedback from users, find out how happy your customers are, and more. 

But the market has some amazing form-builders, which doesn't make Tally Form stand out. Its free use keeps its functions basic and simple, allowing for easy access but limiting its market expansion.

If you are looking for more extensive features, we have a list of Tally Form alternatives. These apps are personally tried and tested to ensure they fit your needs. 

Let's get started. 

Why do you need a Tally Form alternative? 

Tally Form is an excellent form builder, but there are several reasons why you must look for its alternative. 

  • Tally Form does not have a comprehensive customization feature. There is a possibility for custom CSS, but only in a paid plan.
  • Tally Form works best for smaller organizations, but it isn't scalable. You might feel limited as your organization grows and the complexity of the account increases. 
  • Since its structure is similar to doc, Tally Form requires too much clickthrough, which is painful. 
  • Type Form lacks important features like SMS phone verification, brand customization, basic reporting features, fewer fonts and designs, convertible templates, and more. 
  • Customer support of Tally Form isn’t that useful, and many customers have complained about the same. 
Why Tally form alternatives?

Top 8 Tally Form alternatives to try 

Let's discuss some amazing Tally Form alternatives with robust features and affordable pricing that will surely fit all your needs.

1. MarbleFlows

If you are looking for a perfect Tally Form alternative match, then MarbleFlows should be your ultimate option. MarbleFlows is a no-code first-time user experience app that lets you create interactive forms in seconds. It offers an array of templates that you can use while onboarding customers. You can customize these templates according to your needs and add questions that help you better understand your user's journey. 

Features of MarbleFlows:

  • You can A/B test various survey templates to select the best onboarding flow for your SaaS tool. 
  • You can embed MarbleFlows anywhere via widget, link, or iFrame to where you need it. 
  • MarbleFlows offers 1000+ design variations and 100+ templates decidedly made to target various customer journeys, usage, and demographics. 
  • You can add custom branding and logo to match your company's style. 


MarbleFlows is extremely cost-friendly at just $12.99/month. You can also try its free plan to learn about the product.

2. GetLeadForms

GetLeadForms is one of the best Tally Form alternatives that lets you build multi-step forms for your website and landing pages that help turn website visitors into qualified leads.

This no-code platform gets rid of boring traditional form builders and replaces them with bright designs and smarter logic that make sure the user stays until the end. With GetLeadForms, you get more qualified leads by asking the right question at the right time, just like in a conversation. 

Tally Form alternatives. GetLeadForms

Features of GetLeadForms:

  • Build high-converting multi-step forms for your website and landing pages from an array of fully-customizable templates. Whether it's desktop or mobile, you can embed these forms anywhere. 
  • GetLeadForms offers robust reporting features that let you know exactly where you went wrong via completion rates, conversion rates, and people's responses. 
  • Verify your leads quickly through SMS phone verification with OTP, so you are not wasting your time appealing to users that don't exist. 
  • You can connect your CRM and marketing tools like Mailchimp, Converkit, Leadspedia, Active Campaign, Zapeir, and more. 
  • You can use conditional logic to personalize questions according to their responses. This will let you filter out unqualified leads and ask specific questions. 


GetLeadForms offers four paid plans starting at $47/month. 

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster's pre-made design templates are proven to increase conversion and usability rates, allowing you to capture at least 3–4x more leads. Its drag-and-drop feature lets anyone build powerful multi-step forms within minutes. Start by using the templates to make a visually appealing offer.

Then, use the targeting and segmentation features to reach the right people at the right time. Finally, test your lead forms to keep getting more people to sign up. 

Tally Form alternatives. OptinMonster

Features of OptinMonster:

  • OptinMonster offers various campaign types like a lightbox popup, slide-in scroll box, floating bar, countdown timer, inline forms, content locker, and coupon wheel options. You also get ready-to-use campaigns inspired by the most successful brands in the world. 
  • Use smart triggers like scroll trigger, timed display control, HTML elements, campaign scheduling, and more to display the right campaign to the right person at the right time.
  • Use precision targeting to filter unqualified leads and reach your ideal buyer. 
  • OptinMonster offers seamless integrations to your favourite apps, including Mailchimp, Drip, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more. 
  • Get insights on how your forms perform and take action to improve your lead generation strategy through conversion analytics, A/B testing, real-time behavior automation, revenue attribution, and more. 


OptinMonster offers four paid plans starting at $9/month billed annually. 

4. Paperform

Paperform is an easy-to-use no-code app similar to Tally Form that lets you create flexible, convertible, and beautiful forms. It also works as a document but is a lot better and smarter than Tally Form.

The platform offers over 650+ pre-built templates for every occasion, so you don't have to look for inspiration elsewhere. It's an all-in-one solution for onboarding, payments, events, and whatever else you need to build a form for. 

Tally Form alternatives. Paperform

Features of PaperForm:

  • PaperForm templates are highly-customizable, where you use their in-built libraries of images and GIPHYs or use an image editor to give the finishing touches to your lead forms. Customize colours, fonts, layouts, and themes. 
  • Allow your prospects to connect with you by scheduling your meetings through Google calendar. Connect PaperForm with your calendar, which will do your work. 
  • Turn numbers into actionable insights through PaperForm's robust reporting features. See what's working with data visualization or build custom reports to share with your team. 
  • Integrate all your favourite tools (over 2000) like Mailchimp, Slack, Trello, Zapier, DropBox, and many more. 
  • Through PaperForm, you can create surveys, web forms, and quizzes of all varieties. You use conditional logic to send prospects unique paths as per their responses. 


PaperForm offers three paid plans, starting at $24/month. 

5. Wufoo

Wufoo is an easy-to-use online form builder that lets you create forms by all means, whether it's to collect data, reviews, or payments. You can design forms that match the look and feel of your brand or website without writing a single line of code. Its drag-and-drop feature makes customization easier. You can choose from 400+ templates for forms, invitations, online orders, registrations, surveys, and tracking. 

Tally Form alternatives. Wufoo

Features of Wufoo:

  • Add your organization's logos and branding to your Form using the ready-to-go-themes. 
  • Wufoo lets you collect payment through your online forms. So, if you want to sell anything or collect donations or event fees, you can easily do it through the platform. Wufoo offers real-time notifications as soon as someone completes the Form not to miss a beat. 
  • You can automate workflow and remove unnecessary manual tasks by integrating your favourite tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Facebook, Paypal, and more. Use Zapier integration to connect with over 1000+ tools to make the most of your Wufoo forms. 
  • Use branching and logic to set rules and personalize the form-filling experience. This way, you can eliminate unrelated questions and get apt answers. 
  • Analyze your data quickly through custom reports, where you can create files according to what you want to measure. 


Wufoo offers four paid plans starting at $14.08/month.

6. SurveyLab

One of the best Tally alternatives, SurveyLab focuses on online surveys, questionnaires, tests, and forms. It's your one-stop solution for customer experience, human resources, market research, and website engagement. SurveyLab can help reduce churn, increase customer satisfaction, and offer a competitive advantage.

There is no need to install software; you only need a web browser to use SurveyLab. 

Tally Form alternatives. SurveyLab

Features of SurveyLab:

  • SurveyLab supports all device types pc/laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So, the surveys you create here are resized according to the screen resolution of the user to provide an optimum customer experience. 
  • SurveyLab lets you customize your form branding by adjusting it according to your brand style. You can edit colours and themes and add a logo to make it look like your brand. 
  • You can collect responses through various sources on SurveyLab, including email, SMS, WWW, Web widget, Popup, mobile app, QR code, Twitter, Facebook, or emails. You also get notifications about new customer responses for complete visibility. 
  • SurveyLab offers survey analysis in real-time. You can access those reports and filter fields to analyze whatever you are looking for. If needed, you can export your survey reports to Excel (.xlsx), SPSS (.sav, .por), PowerPoint, PDF, or .csv file for any tool upload (SPSS)
  • SurveyLab offers tools to measure different user needs. For customer experience, its customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS / NPS2), Voice of the Customer (VOC), and customer segmentation. 
  • To track employee satisfaction insights, you can use Employee satisfaction surveys, 360 feedback surveys, Pulse surveys, and Employee engagement surveys.
  • You can also engage with your website visitors through web widgets, sales forms, newsletter signups, and more. 


SurveyLab offers four paid plans, starting at $49/month. 

7. OhMyForm

If you are looking for a free Tally Form alternative, then OhMyForm is an excellent option. You can easily use it for market research, customer experience, employee engagement, recruiting, etc. It is quite similar to Google Forms, but a lot better. Since it's free, OhMyForm is limited in features, but you can surely try using it before you spend money. 

Tally Form atlernatives. OhMyForm

Feature of OhMyForm:

  • You can create unlimited forms and add many questions according to your needs. 
  • OhMyForm is relatively easy and has a basic UI design. 
  • With OhMyForm, you'll get all the features you need to run successful forms. It also offers reporting features that let you analyze your form answers quickly. 


OhMyForm is open-source software that is free to use. 

Choose the best Tally Form alternative

That's it; these were our top Tally Form alternatives that you should try. It's time you decide which one fits your needs. 

Tally form alternatives. Comparision

Start by listing the features you are looking for and your overall budget. You can then select the best one from the list. All these tools are tried and tested, so we are sure they will solve your purpose.

Written by Rashi Jaitly.