You can create surveys, and quizzes, use them in customer onboarding, create an animated signup flow, and do a lot more to engage your customers. The sleek design of the tool offers several customization features and is user-friendly. It has a drag-and-drop tool to help you optimize the web experience.

The tool is popular among small business owners who want to create a personalized experience with higher conversion rates. However, this guide is for you if you are looking for Upflowy alternatives with better UI, and UX and better than Upflowy pricing. 

Upflowy alternatives

7 Uplowy Alternatives

1. MarbleFlows

Overview: If you are looking for a no-code funnel builder, check out MarbleFlows. The tool helps you to create beautiful lead-generation interactive funnels in minutes. Use them for user onboarding, conversions, and A/B testing.

Resizable canvases and unlimited customisation possibilities make MarbleFlows a great choice for creating interactive content that users love to click.

Features: The no-code editor makes it easy to navigate and create engaging flows for your audience. The unlimited content blocks feature lets you add a variety of content blocks to your flows, like text, images, video, buttons, and games.

You can embed the flow easily and share it via a link, widget, or iframe. 

Pros: It has a clean and stable infrastructure. You can easily set up the tool, inject code, and the tool remains stable with video. Since no coding knowledge is needed, anyone can learn and use it.  

 “The program is super easy to use. As a person who isn't on top of technology, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find a program that would meet my needs.”

Source: G2 Customer review 

Pricing: The tool's pricing is designed keeping in mind the budget of small business owners. As per the G2 review, the tool is 49% less expensive than any other lead generation tool in the same category. You can use the tool for free as well. You can request a customized quote if you are considering it for a larger team. If you plan to scale your business, you can purchase the subscription for $12.99 monthly. 

Upflowy alternatives. MarbleFlows

2. Typeform

Overview: Typeform is a no-code, user-friendly form builder that lets you create quizzes, surveys, and asynchronous video solutions. Use the form to build your brand identity and customer experience. The tool allows you to integrate with more than 120 existing applications so that data plugs into your workflow seamlessly. The tool is GDPR compliant and offers enterprise-level security. 

Features: Some of the tool's top features include role-based access, where your team members can access chatbots and admin settings depending on their role and job function. Be it a customer support tool, APIs, or the messenger application, the tool allows easy integrations.

The analytics feature comes in handy for analyzing chatbot conversations and measuring performance. The branching, skip logic, and multilingual survey features enable you to create a variety of surveys that respondents will like to answer. 

Pros: The integration feature makes data flow from one channel to another seamlessly. You can easily send the response collected on the form to your email or Slack channel. 

Cons: Sometimes it takes longer to load all the reviews. All the details entered while setting up the tool are not always visible. Additionally, the free version of the tool is limited to ten submissions only, even the first paid plan also has limited submission numbers. 

Pricing: You can test the tool for free. The business-level subscription starts from $99/month.

Upflowy alternatives. Typeform

3. Jotform 

Overview: Be it lead generation forms, registration forms, payment forms, application forms, or contact forms, the Jotform form builder lets you create forms easily from any device. The tool comes with pre-designed 10,000+ templates that are ready to use.

The tool also enables it to integrate easily with 100+ 3rd party applications. It has some advanced design features that add to its popularity. 

Features: The simple drag-and-drop feature lets you create different types of surveys in minutes. Different templates are available to build surveys quickly for different use cases. It offers different channels, like social media, emails, etc., to distribute surveys. This allows for maximum results to create different types of survey questions, like open-ended, close-ended, and MCQs. 

Pros: Jotform can be used in different use cases. It has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. You can access control the form so that only the designated employees have access to edit the date, time, questions, and other vital information.

The conditional logic works great in certain flow processes that help any new team member to pick up the process easily. 

Cons: Jotform doesn't support widgets which is one of its biggest drawbacks. It would also be nice to have more templates. 

Pricing: It has five pricing plans. You can test the tool for free for 100 monthly submissions. If you want to upgrade to a paid plan, you may choose from the Bronze ( $39/month), Silver ($49/month), or Gold ( $129/month) plans. 

Jotform. Upflowy alternatives

4. Google forms

Overview: Google forms is a part of the Google Workspace tool. It’s an easy-to-use  form that can help you create surveys and quizzes in minutes. You can create and share sample forms using a simple web URL.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large sized enterprise, Google forms can help you create and gather survey responses real-time. 

Features: Some of the useful features of the tool are access control and permissions to share the survey with selected respondents, forms creation and design as per your brand guidelines, mobile friendly, URL customization, easy drag and drop feature, question branching and collaboration tools. 

Pros: It is super easy to create surveys if you have a Google account. The access control feature lets you keep the survey anonymous if needed, and has a great customer service. 

Cons: It has customization limitations. Plus, it has limited software integration with no automatic backup or storage. There are also no predesigned templates for surveys unlike other tools. It has no offline support either. 

 Pricing: Google form is free and comes as part of Google Workspace suite. 

Google Forms. Upflowy alternatives

5. Formstack

Overview: Formstack is a simple online form-building tool. It has some powerful and easy-to-use features that enable anyone in your team to conduct a survey and gather data in minutes. 

Features: The tool has some cool features like a drag, drop and build that makes it easy to create cusotmzied forms with a few clicks. You can use conditional logic to build smart web forms and increase the chance of participation.

The tool can automate workflow and streamline the approval process within your team, while letting to embed the forms anywhere on your social media, email, and website. 

Pros: Formstack makes it easy to create forms in an affordable budget. It has a straightforward site that makes navigation easy. The predesigned templates come in handy while creating forms for different use cases. The team also has great customer service support who are always prompt with responses. 

Cons: The tool does not provide the ability to download the form into a word document. An autofill section is also missing that would make it easier for respondents. 

Pricing: The basic starter package starts from $50 / month. But you can request a customized quote if you are planning to buy the subscription for an enterprise level.  

Formstack. Upflowy alternatives

6. Formaloo

Overview: Formaloo is a no-code platform for creating forms and bring in more agility to their team. Hundreds and thousands of teams use Formaloo across the globe to collect, analyze, and derive insights from data that help them to improve their offerings. 

Features: The drag-and-drop elements make it easy to incorporate different elements in the form. The tool for customized branding enables you to incorporate different brand elements in your forms.

The workflow management system makes it easy to control page sequences, forms, and libraries for the navigation of the user. The tool comes with some basic templates to help you get started. 

Pros: The collection of templates is handy and you can tweak them to make more attractive. It's easy to use, and super smooth to extract data and analyze them. 

Cons: There is still some scope to improve the app and web UI. Some G2 reviewers also consider that adding new field types and live calculations of points while filling out the form could be some nice additions. 

Pricing: The subscription is free for one member per month. To get a quote for an enterprise level team, get in touch with the brand. 

Formaloo. Upflowy alternatives

7. SurveySparrow 

Overview: SurveySparrow is an intuitive mobile-first tool that lets you create surveys in minutes.  It manages end-to-end omnichannel experiences and offers different customer experience and employee experience tools like Chat, Classic, NP, Offline, Surveys, etc.

It is known for its user friendliness. The conversational UI lets you create highly engaging surveys. The surveys can be delivered in a chat-like experience thus increasing the possibility of survey completion rate by 40%.  

Features: Some of the key features of the tool include Classic Surveys that ask one question at a time making it easy for your customer to respond. The Chat-like survey feature lets you create dynamic conversations.

You can also collect data through an offline survey app kiosk. The offline survey feature empowers you to conduct surveys at the remotest corners where there is no internet. The NPS Word Cloud and Sentimental Analysis are two powerful features that give you an insight of customer sentiments. 

Pros: The offline features is a hit among the users because you can gather inputs from respondents even when you don't have internet connections. 

The tool has a feature that lets you record the audio of the respondent. You can also capture the sentiment of the respondent using the tool. 

Cons: The responses area is not very user-friendly and does not allow you to view the data clearly. 

Pricing: You can try the app for free for 100 responses per month. For the enterprise-level subscription, the price starts at $499/month. 

SurveySparrow. Upflowy alternatives

Choosing the right form builder

If you want to improve and grow your SaaS business, the best way of doing it is by gathering customer insights and working on them.

Online surveys are the best ways to reach out to your customers, peek into their minds, derive meaningful insights, work on them, and delight your customers!

While there are plenty of Upflowy alternatives in the market, MarbleFlows is one of the best options to help you get started.

Written by Chayanika Sen.