How to convert visitors into leads: 5 advanced ways of 2022

What is a lead generation and how do we qualify what is a lead?

A website visitor- is a viewer who accesses your website from a referral or direct link.

A website lead or Web lead - is a website visitor from who you get some information.

It can be the email filled or some other details you capture from the website visitor.

As we know everything on the internet leaves a trace, so we can capture insights from visitors.

Let's figure out the best strategies to convert website visitors into leads.

Which value to provide to visitors to convert them to leads?

The most important is to generate leads by providing value to visitors. So you need to focus on what can bring value to your website visitors.

This drastically depends on the type of business you are in. Very often to convert visitors to leads the value is not the product or service directly that you make, but some additional benefit you provide for visitors.

For example, if you are an online retailer, you may want to offer your visitors free shipping in order to convert them into leads.

In e-commerce, you could offer a discount on their next purchase in order to attract leads. It all depends on what your target market is and what will motivate them to convert.

First, give then get! Get more leads, of course 📧

If you are in the SaaS business, find out what your users need and create some lead generation magnet like a checklist or ebook on the topic. This is one of the ways how to convert visitors into leads by providing value first.

Visitors to leads conversion rates

How to count visitors to lead conversion rate?

Visitors to leads conversion rate

You can just use this simple formula and estimate your number. The number is relative, however, there are some estimations of the visitor to leads conversion rates.

For typical SaaS businesses, the number varies

The average visitor-to-lead conversion rate varies depending on the type of business and also the country.

Visitor lead conversion based on vountry


The approximate numbers for SaaS businesses are 1% to 11%.

Here are 7 ways to improve visitor to leads conversion rate.

7 ways to convert visitors to leads

#1 Interactive flow- MarbleFlows

Interactive flow is a click flow or lead generation flow to convert visitors into leads and users.

Via lead generation flow, you can introduce visitors to the company or provide some extra information that they click through. Interactive flow widgets can consist of

  1. Welcome page
  2. Introduction to service
  3. Explanation of the benefits they can get
  4. Video tutorial or trial access
Interactive flows to convert more leads

One way to create an interactive flow is to offer a free trial or demonstration of your product or service. This way, you can give your visitors a chance to try out what you have to offer before they make a decision.

Email form 📧

This is some kind of visitor pre-boarding. 📧 At the end, you would need to ask for their email or lead them directly to the product. This is the moment when you capture your website visitors.

How to create an interactive flow for your users?

Step 1. Create a welcome message The message and all visuals should be attractive to capture the attention of more website visitors

Step 2 Define the value you will provide in order to convert more visitors to leads.

The main approach is to generate leads by providing value to your visitors. For example, list the benefits of your service, and provide the free trial or related lead magnet.

You either can focus on the problem visitors have or on the benefits your service brings.

Keep it short as you still want users to click on the final step, where you offer them to subscribe or create account in your product.

Step 3. Select what is the goal of your interactive click flow

It can be to gather website emails or bring visitors directly to your product or both.

#2 Pop up lead generation

Another strategy to increase visitor-to-lead conversion rates is to add a simple pop-up that captures leads. It is normally a one-click pop-up that appears on the landing or on all pages of the website with a delay of 10-30 seconds.

Most lead generation landing pages want visitors to submit

  • email
  • name
  • company
  • role
  • phone number
  • or create an account in their software directly.

As converting website visitors to leads on the website is not so easy some additional instruments are equired. Lead generation pop-up is one of them.

Check this out if you are wondering how to make generate leads pop up?

Lead generation examples

Among the best examples of lead generation pop-ups there are three of the most popular

  • 📧 Email form
  • Discount or special offer
  • Call to action button

After you gathered the details via one of the methods you want to add web visitors to lead nurturing. Further, you will warm up and educate your leads and turn leads  into customers.

As not all leads are ready to become customers immediately…

#6 Lead generation calculator

You can create a lead generation calculator for your website to capture more leads.

Lead Generation Calculator  (MarbleFlows)

How does the lead generation calculator work?

It is pretty simple, the visitors who come to your website page with a calculator can insert their own data and it will show them how the product will help them.

You can add gated access to results. So for example ask users to add the email to get results with the email. People love to count, so interactive calculators for lead generation become more and more popular.

The fastest way to create a lead generation calculator is by using the template and frame or adding it as a widget.

Calculator widget for website template

Interactive calculators for lead generation

#3 Lead magnet

The other effective way to convert visitors to leads is to offer users a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

Lead Magnet is a free item offered on the website to convert visitors into leads.

If the lead magnet looks attractive enough. then visitors will click and leave the email, and other details in order to get it.

A lead magnet can be located on your website or appear as a popup, which can be a more effective way to convert more leads.

Lead magnet examples

There are various interesting examples of lead magnets and among the most commonly used are:

  • Lead magnet Checklist
  • Lead magnet E-book
  • Lead magnet Webinar

Lead magnet templates

There are available templates on MarbleFlows which can give you more inspiration. For example, 100+ onboarding flows from Top SaaS companies. MarbleFlows provide free access to it if you leave the email.

Value? Definitely…

Lead magnet (MarbleFlows)

#4 Lead generation survey

Among the other best ways to convert visitors to leads on your website is a survey.

Surveys can help not only convert visitors to leads but qualify leads. So it will also be your lead qualification survey.

There are a number of impressive benefits to using lead generation surveys:

  • Gather more information about your target audience
  • Gather contact details to reach them
  • Warm up your visitors to be ready to convert

This will help you more deeply understand the audience you are working with and their needs and problems.

Surveys and questions can not only be useful for converting visitors to leads but also for the next steps. For example when you onboard your new users and create first-time user experience. So you can ask more than 50 questions over the lifetime of your users and improve their experience.

#5 PopUp trigger and call to action

If you are still wondering how to generate leads from website visitors, here is one more simple yet powerful way.

If you need to lead your users somewhere to convert them to different places you can use a call to action button added to the popup. So in a way, it will be a pop-up trigger.

Let's say you would like to add them to the Slack community or you have a Product Hunt Launch and would like them to upvote the product.

In that case, the best way to convert visitors into leads is by showcasing them a trigger or call to action button. The conversion happens in this case in the other page.

#7 Live Chat for lead generation

One more traditional way to convert visitors into leads is live chat.

But how to use live chat for lead generation?

There are a number of useful tips:

  • Live chat can pop up on your page to attract the attention of visitors to it
  • Visitors who ask questions will be requested to leave an email
Live chat lead magnet

Email is what will qualify them as live chat leads, which can be further reached to. The following step for you is live chat lead nurturing. So that they can convert users or customers as soon as they are ready.

Live chat for lead generation is a common yet powerful way to generate more leads.

There are numerous ways to convert visitors to leads and we gathered the most outstanding of them including calculators, lead generation magnets and interactive lead generation calculators.

If you are still looking for more ways to convert visitors into leads check templates and access all lead generation, lead conversion, and lead qualification templates.