#1 MarbleFlows for marketers:

Marketers use MarbleFlows to create interactive forms and engaging pop-ups for a website in minutes.

The use of the product allows them to control the process and does not require technical team involvement, since the tool is fully no code.

With the help of the platform, our users have created hundreds of captivating pop-ups, forms, call-to-action sliders and full-page forms.

This helps to generate more leads, segment the visitors and attract them with personalised messaging.

The collected data is analysed inside MarbleFlows or is sent forward to the chose email or/and CRM tool for marketers to target the audience further on.

MarbleFlows for marketing

#2 MarbleFlows for customer success and product teams:

Our customers using MarbleFlows for customer success know how important customer feedback is. With MarbleFlows they build dynamic surveys to help them get the most out their users’ spent time.

Conditional logic surveys allow to create unique user journeys for each user group and gather feedback in the most efficient way.

Additionally, having a pool of various unlimited content blocks, including games and forms, allows to engage with visitors better.

MarbleFlows for product and customer success

#3 MarbleFlows for agencies:

Do you want to create dynamic funnels for your customers and manage them all under one account?

Our existing agencies already use MarbleFlows to make beautiful forms and surveys for their customers. Split the access to different flows for different customers, where they can also track the statistics on their flows’ performance and adjust them if needed, while you have the full view of all the customers that you manage.

MarbleFlows for agencies

#4 MarbleFlows for education:

Do you want to educate your visitors or users on your product or area of expertise?

Share you knowledge through interactive user flows and create micro-learning journeys tailored for each of your audiences.

MarbleFlows for education

#5 MarbleFlows for founders:

MarbleFlows is perfect for  no code builders and founders, who want to build conversion and save time and costs on development.

MarbleFlows for founders

#6 MarbleFlows for sales:

Sales professionals are always looking into ways to convert leads and upsell the current customers.

By utilising MarbleFlows they can build captivating flows to reach out to these target groups.

MarbleFlows for sales

#7 MarbleFlows for designers:

If you are looking for a tool to create beautiful and effective elements, MarbleFlows is a great source. Be it a full page, or educational material or a pop-up, MarbleFlows provide you the flexibility to create what you need no code and make it custom to your project.

MarbleFlows for designers