#1 Pop Quiz or Pop up Quiz?

You most probablyy is familiar with what is Quiz

Quiz is a test of a knowledge, a question or survey which often formatted as a competition for individuals or teams.

But what is a pop quiz? Probably you wonder if there is any difference.

Pop Quiz - is a quiz that is unexpectedly appears. It most commonly used on website or in class.

What is Pop Up Quiz?

Pop Up Quiz - is also the pop quiz which is provided unexpectedly a short test which is given without prior warning.

a short test given to students without any prior warning.

Pop Test - is more extensive survey also provided without prior warning..

#2 What is the purpose of a pop quiz?

In business pop quiz can be used to gather information where people not expecting it. If we talk about education system, there pop quiz can be used for test students knowledge unexpectedly,

Pop up quiz can be used

  • testing knowledge unexpectedly
  • for surveying
  • lead generation
  • gathering the information.

#3 Where pop quiz can be used?

It can be used in different places online. The most popular is online

  • On website
  • On blog
  • In your learning system

On website is probably one of the most popular ways of using pop up quiz

#4 How to make a pop quiz?

You can make a pop quiz via a template. It is simple to do in 5 simple steps.

  1. You need to identify the topic of your pop quiz
  2. You need to find the software where you can build amazing pop up quizzes
  3. Select one of the templates which fit your needs
  4. Design your pop quiz
  5. Share pop quiz with your audience

#5 Pop Quiz Template

Lets build Pop Quiz via the template