8 best formulations for "onboarding"

How you would better formulate what onboarding means?

Here we will briefly show you

  • general meaning
  • employee onboarding
  • user onboarding

So what is the meaning of the onboarding process?

General meaning

#1 Getting familiar with smith

Source: Quora thread

#2 “Closing the knowledge gap between the existing current knowledge and the target

Employee onboarding

#3 The action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with one's products or services.


#4 new hire orientation”
#5 Achieving and retaining proficiency on complex systems and company-specific routines within a short timeframe.
#6 Onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the company and their roles within it.

Source: Google

There is number of places where you can find the formulation for it including Wikipedia.

User onboarding

#7 User onboarding is the process of improving an individual's requirements and success with a product or service.

Source: Wikipedia

#8 User onboarding refers to the onboarding of users, clients, and customers.

How would you describe the process of onboarding?