How to create interactive user guide?

Creating an interactive user guide involves several steps:

Step 1. Identify the target audience and their needs

Understand who the user guide is intended for and what information they need to know in order to use the product or service effectively.

Step 2. Organize the content:

Break down the information into logical sections and sub-sections, and use headings, bullet points, and other formatting techniques to make the guide easy to read and navigate.

Step 3. Include screenshots and images:

Use images and screenshots to supplement the text and make it easier for users to understand the information.

Step 4. Make it interactive:

Use hyperlinks, buttons, and other interactive elements to allow users to access specific information quickly and easily.

Step 5. Test the guide:

Test the guide with a small group of users to ensure that it is effective and easy to use.

Step 6. Publish and maintain:

Publish the guide in a format that is easily accessible to users, and make sure to update it regularly to keep the information current.

You can use tools like MarbleFlows to design your customer interactive user guide.