How to create an online smile assessment for your website to convert more customers?

Every day thousands of people look to assess their smiles. Why? A perfect smile is your way to becoming confident. With MarbleFlows your clinic can build an interactive online assessment and attract more customers.

Step 1. Define the criteria:

Decide what factors you want to consider when evaluating smiles, such as teeth alignment, color, and shape.

Step 2. Create the form:

You can use a software like MarbleFLows or other form-builder software to create a form that includes questions and fields related to the criteria you have defined.

Step 3. Add images:

Include fields where users can upload or take a picture of their smile to be evaluated.

Step 4. Develop the evaluation algorithm:

Develop an algorithm that takes the information input by the user and compares it to the data in your database to generate a report that includes the user's smile assessment

Step 5. Test and refine:

Test the form with a small group of users to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

Step 6. Deploy and Market

Deploy the form on your website and market it to your target audience such as dental patients, orthodontics or general public.

Step 7. Data Collection:

Collect the data from the forms submitted by the users and use it to create a database of smile evaluations.

Step 8. Analysis:

Analyze the data to identify patterns and trends in smile evaluations.

Step 9 Reporting:

Generate reports and visualizations of the data to share with dental professionals or patients.

Step 10. Maintenance:

Regularly update the form and algorithm, and keep the data secure to ensure accurate results.

MarbleFLows is a software that can help you create an online form like an online smile evaluation form, it is a form builder software that allows you to create forms, surveys and quizzes, and you can use it to build an online assessment form and embed it into your website.

Smile evaluation form template