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A knowledge base is a collection of information that is organized and easy to search for. It can be used to store and share knowledge within an organization or with the public. (Alternatively Help Center or Resource Center) Widget- is the block in the form of a popup, or slider which appears on top of the webpage of the web application Knowledge base widget - A knowledge base widget is a tool that allows you to embed a knowledge base search into your website, blog or product.

Knowledge base widget for website

A knowledge base widget is a great way to make your website or product more user-friendly and informative. By providing quick and easy access to answers to common questions, you can help your visitors find what they need without having to search through your entire site. Plus, a knowledge base widget can help reduce the number of customer service inquiries you receive, freeing up your time to work on other tasks.

Knowledge base widget for website helps to navigate and support visitors before even they started using the product

Why to create knowledge base widget

  • To answer the questions of users
  • To decrease support tickets
  • To increase traffic (if for website)

What knowledge base widget consists of?

  • Groups of questions
  • Lists of questions under each group
  • Contact information
  • Input field to ask question
Knowledge base widget

Most common use knowledge base widget template:

  • Knowledge base widget for website
  • Knowledge base widget for blog
  • Knowledge base widget for product

For whom is "Knowledge base widget" template:

  • Customer support team
  • Customer Success team
  • Product team

Knowledge bases which you can convert in widget with Marbleflows

  • Knowledge base widget Zendesk
  • Knowledge base widget Intercom
  • Knowledge base widget ServiceNow
  • Monday com knowledge base

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