New user onboarding template

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Cameron S.
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Creating awesome new user onboarding for your users is a challenge!

It is hard to create Wow moment as soon as your users get first time in product. At the same time it is so important to make a good first impression.

Creating a structured flow and simple journey designed for different needs of your users is so essential

Why to create new user onboarding ?

  • Make a good first impression
  • Help users navigate in product
  • Improve product adoption
  • Decrease amount of support tickets
  • Increase the time spent in product

Use MarbleFlows to save $100k and more on development

  • Save time and money on development
  • No code skills required
  • Create resource centre in minutes
  • Design it in your product style
  • Track the data of usage of your resource centre
  • Iterate and make changes insta

Most common use places:

  • In product
  • In application
  • In knowledge centre
  • Stand alone as separate page

For whom:

  • Product team
  • Customer success team
  • Customer support team

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