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A "Product demo feedback form" is a tool used by companies to gather feedback from customers after a product demonstration. The form typically includes questions that are designed to gather information about the customer's experience with the product, their level of interest in the product, and their thoughts on the demonstration itself.

Some common questions included in a product demo feedback form are:

  1. How would you rate your overall experience with the product demonstration?
  2. Was the demonstration helpful in understanding the product's features and benefits?
  3. How likely are you to purchase this product in the future?
  4. Was the demonstration representative of the product's capabilities?
  5. Was the demonstration delivered in a professional and engaging manner?
  6. What additional information or features would you like to see demonstrated in the future?
  7. Was the demonstration delivered at an appropriate pace?
  8. Were all of your questions answered satisfactorily?
  9. Was the demonstration conducted at a convenient time and location for you?
  10. Would you recommend this product to others?

The collected data can be analyzed to identify areas for improvement and to measure customer satisfaction with the product demonstration. This information can be used to inform future product demonstrations and to ensure that they meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

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