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Product testing feedback form is a tool that product managers, designers, and other stakeholders use to gather feedback and information about a product or service from customers, users, or testers. The form allows these stakeholders to understand how well the product is meeting customer needs and identify areas for improvement.

The form includes a series of questions that ask testers about their experience with the product, including their overall satisfaction, ease of use, functionality, usability, design, and performance. Testers are also asked to provide feedback, suggestions, or comments about the product, and whether they would recommend the product to others. Additionally, testers are asked to compare the product to similar products on the market, and provide their demographic information.

This feedback form is distributed to testers before and/or after the testing process and can be delivered either online or in-person. The results are then analyzed and used to make data-driven decisions about the product's development and design, such as identifying which features to prioritize, which areas to improve, and how to optimize the user experience.

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