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Creating free user feedback widget?

How to create free user feedback widget?

One of the options is to use existing software and create it for free via templates. Alternatively you can use open source user feedback widget.

Why to create in user feedback widget?

  • Collect the feedback from your users
  • Help users if they face problems
  • Engage users
  • Estimate NPS of the product or website

Most common use places for user feedback widget :

  • In product
  • In website
  • In blog
  • In application
  • In knowledge centre
  • Stand alone as separate page

What is the best user feedback widget?

The best user feedback widget should have specific qualities, be well designed fast and respond for the main purpose.

  • Great design of user feedback widget
  • Collect user feedback widget
  • Make users love to click on it
  • Appear in the right place in the right time

Why use template for creating user feedback widget?

  • Save time and money on development
  • No code skills required
  • Create resource centre in minutes
  • Design it in your product style
  • Track the data of usage of your resource centre
  • Iterate and make changes inst

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