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Saved our team hours of development.
Cameron S.

Are you looking into ways to boost your lead generation?

Why to create lead magnet?

  • Convert more leads
  • Segment website audience
  • Qualify leads
  • Provide more information on your product
  • Increase brand awareness

Use MarbleFlows to convert more leads

  • Save time and money on designing your own journeys for users
  • No code skills required
  • Design it in your website style
  • Add engaging and gamified elements
  • Track the data of usage and gather responses
  • Iterate and make changes instantly

Most common use places:

  • Blog main page
  • Blog individual articles' pages
  • Pricing page
  • Home page

For whom:

  • Marketing team
  • Founders of a smaller team
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creators

Step 1. Launch our lead generation template

Step 2. Edit the template

While editing you can do different things:

  • Add interactive elements.( video, quizzes, texts)
  • Resize Canva of your onboarding flow
  • Select the branded colours and backgrounds
  • Change the buttons and logic
  • Connect external resource

Step 3. Preview and test your flow

You can share it as a link with your team and test it in different places you plan to add it, like product and website.

Step 4. Share with your audience

If you share your flow as a widget on the website or inside product you can add custom trigger there.

Step 5 Analyse the results

Thank you for reading! You are awesome!

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