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A "website navigation popup" is a small window that appears on a website, typically triggered by a user action such as hovering over a button or clicking on a link. It is used to provide quick access to different sections or pages of the website without leaving the current page.

The popup typically contains a menu or a list of links that allow the user to navigate to different parts of the website. It can also include other elements such as images, text, and buttons.

Website navigation popups are often used to improve the user experience by making it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. It's usually designed to be intuitive, so that users can quickly find what they need.

Popups can also be used to promote special offers or to highlight specific content on the website.

It's a useful tool for website owners as it can increase website engagement and boost the chances of users to stay longer on the website.

In general, website navigation popups are generally considered a best practice when it is used in a user-friendly manner.

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