It helps users find what they are looking for through surveys, promotions, product matching, knowledge polls, and customer feedback. has a great user interface with the latest designs that make it easy to find out what customers want. 

But, with so many features, there are some major drawbacks that have forced users to switch to other software. So, if you are one of them looking for alternatives, then a blog is all you need. 

Our team has tried hundreds of website personalization tools and has upvoted these tools as the perfect alternative solution. 

Why do you need an alternative? is an excellent tool to add personalization to your website and make users' experiences memorable, but there are several reasons why you should look for an alternative. 

  • The tool feels quite slow and buggy when you increase your activity on the platform. Every step feels tiresome and not at all user-friendly. 
  • There is a lack of personalization in; even the onboarding feels basic and subpar. 
  • There are limited templates on if we compare the various occasions users might use the platform. Its competitors are way ahead in providing relevant templates with advanced customization features. 
  • Lastly, the customization of templates is basic and limited. We would have loved to see more font, color, and theme options in 
  • There is no product onboarding when you sign-up, so you have to figure out the app yourself or refer to the knowledge base. This might take users more time to understand the tool and not instantly realize the product's value. 

Top alternatives that you shouldn't miss 

Let's discuss some amazing alternatives with robust features and affordable pricing that will surely fit all your needs.

1. MarbleFlows

If you are looking for a perfect alternative match, then MarbleFlows should be your ultimate option. MarbleFlows is a no-code, first-time user experience app that lets you create interactive forms in seconds. It offers an array of templates that you can use while onboarding customers. You can customize these templates according to your needs and add questions that help you better understand your user's journey. 

Features of MarbleFlows:

  • You can A/B test various survey templates to select the best onboarding flow for your SaaS tool. 
  • You can embed MarbleFlows anywhere via widget, link, or iFrame to where you need it. 
  • MarbleFlows offers 1000+ design variations and 100+ templates to target customer journeys, usage, and demographics. 
  • You can add custom branding and logo to match your company's style. 


MarbleFlows is extremely cost-friendly at just $12.99/month. You can also try its free plan to learn more about the product.

2. lets you create interactive experiences for users at every step of the customer journey that help generate leads, drive more revenues, and gain instant feedback.

You can do that through quizzes, surveys, forms, product recommendations, online polls, and live engagement. It takes no time to create interactive content on Simply select the template, make changes according to your brand's needs, and easily embed it into your website. alternatives. Youengage

Features of

  • You can create various customer journeys to provide customers an opportunity to fully explore the potential of your service according to their needs. The data collected by can be used for deeper segmentation to show returning visitors personalized promotions based on their responses. 
  • offers an array of templates for every occasion, from product recommendation, customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and payment calculator. 
  • offers interaction with your favorite apps Slack, Mailchimp, Asana, Airtable, Google excel, Hubspot, and more. 
  • You can create various quizzes in including lead generation, product match, personality, knowledge, and assessment, without any code. 
  • The surveys and forms looks great on screen and can automatically adjust themselves to every resolution 
  • You can add live polls, Q&A, quizzes, surveys, and forms directly into your live meetings and webinars. Participants can ask questions or vote in polls while attending your live event. 

Pricing: offers one free and three paid plans starting at $29/month. 

3. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is an excellent alternative solution to create quizzes, surveys, and forms to engage better with your audience, get leads and emails, gather feedback, conduct research, and drive more sales.

Whether you're a marketer, content creator, or business owner, the Opinion Stage is a great way to get your audience talking. 

Alternatives to Opinion Stage

Features of Opinion Stage:

  • Opinion Stage offers an array of templates to choose from according to its type (quizzes, polls, surveys, interactive and standard forms), use case (lead generation, product recommendations, and remote working), and industry (marketing, education, human resource, e-commerce, customer success, events, and real-estate). 
  • You can easily embed surveys, quizzes, and forms directly into your website. If you don't own a website, Opinion Stage offers an optimized landing page to share with your social network (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) & email followers.
  • Opinion Stage offers robust reporting features that let you see answers in pie and bar charts. You can get all information about the respondents, including timestamps and resources. Further, you can download all this information in xls or csv files on your personal computer. 
  • All templates available are fully-customizable for colors, fonts, branding, and logo. Your items will be resized automatically to fit any desktop, tablet, or mobile screen. 
  • Use skip logic or conditional logic to select which questions display depending on their previous responses. 
  • Opinion Stage offers integrations with top social media sites, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zapier, Webhooks, Pixels, Google tag manager, and more. 


Opinion Stage offers one free and three paid plans starting at $25 per month.

4. Genially

If you are looking for a platform that lets you create the most interactive and engaging content, then Genially is what you need. You can add visual interactivity to everything—text, images, videos, audio, or external links.

You can also collaborate in Genially by inviting your team members to look through your designs. 

Alternatives to Genially

Features of Genially:

  • In Genially, you can create presentations, infographics, gamification, interactive images, video presentations, guides, training materials, and more to add to your website. 
  • Genially offers over 1000 read-made templates to choose from. They are customizable with tons of interaction and animation to add to your website's content. 
  • You can integrate your favorite platforms with Genially, including Wordpress, Mailchimp, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. 


Genially offers a free and three paid plans starting at € 7.49/month. 

5. is customer engagement software that lets you create landing pages, widgets, and popups for the entire customer journey. This no-code drag-and-drop funnel builder offers an array of customizable templates that you can use to engage better with your customers and convert more leads. is the ultimate solution to acquire, convert, and retain customers. 

Alternatives to

Features of

  • offers over 200+ high-converting, mobile-responsive templates for creating quizzes, online forms, payment forms, surveys, calculators, personality tests, and lead pages. These templates can be directly embedded on your website with a copy-paste ready-made code. 
  • You can easily edit the templates according to your brand style by changing its fonts, colors, and style or design it from scratch. 
  • Users can add interactive content elements like multiple choice questions, image answer questions, dropdowns, ratings, sliders, buttons, checkboxes, social share, and more directly on your website. 
  • You can set up multiple workspaces to help team members organize projects and collaborate efficiently to get desired results. 
  • offers robust reporting features like overview KPIs, response summaries, personal data, detailed responses, identifying drop-offs, and more. 

Pricing: offers one free and three paid plans starting at $25 per month. 

6. RightMessage

RightMessage lets you convey the right message to the right person. Using this, you can create surveys, quizzes, and opt-in forms to uncover who's on your website, what they do, and what they are looking for from you. This way, you deliver personalized experiences to your website visitors. 

Alternatives to RightMessage

Features of RightMessage:

  • RightMessage lets you personalize your website, including headlines, images, and landing copy. 
  • You can create popups, sticky bars, surveys, and slide-up tasters to collect leads or guide users to what they are here for. 
  • With RightMessage, you can create various customer journeys so that each visitor can see the perfect CTA for them. The tailored CTA is based on visitors' answers, which can easily be embedded in your website. 
  • RightMessage offers integrations to ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit,, Drip, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more. 


RightMessage offers two paid plans starting at $79/month. 

Choose the best alternative

That's it; these were our top alternatives that you should try. It's time you decide which one fits your needs. 

Start by listing the features you are looking for and your overall budget. You can then select the best one from the list. All these tools have been tried and tested, so we are sure they will solve your purpose.

Written by Rashi Jaitly.