But, you might want a tool that offers you more or caters to your specific use cases, such as quiz building or form building, to onboard and engage customers.

Well, you’ve landed on the right page. This guide will discuss 5 amazing Opinion Stage alternatives with their key features and pricing.

Let’s dive deep in!

What is the Opinion Stage?

OpinionStage is a complete toolkit to create and customize quizzes, polls, forms, and surveys that get you a higher response. With this tool, you can engage and convert leads, retain existing customers and drive more conversion for your business.

Key features

  • Opinion Stage offers six engagement and lead generation tools: forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, and voting tools catering to a wide audience.
  • Make signups more personalized through Opinion Stage’s skip logic to lead users on different paths based on their answers.
  • A gallery of pre-made templates for all use cases, such as social media quizzes, trivia quizzes, HR surveys, market research surveys, and more, to never run out of ideas.
  • No-code form and quiz builder to create beautiful and high-converting surveys and forms to drive customer engagement.


OpinionStage offers lifetime free access with basic features such as 25 response/month, basic integration nd customization with only 1 user access.

The paid plans starts at $32/month and ges upto $315/month. 

Why look for OpinionStage alternative?

Here are a few reasons you should be considering OpinionStage’s alternatives:

  • Get better and more advanced features at a lower price.
  • Look for a better and seamless form/quiz/poll/flow builder.
  • Get a tool that excel in a specific use case like form maker, flow builder, or quiz builder.

5 best alternatives to Opinion Stage

Here is the list of 5 alternatives to opinion stage tools to help you with lead generation, enhance customer experience, and boost ROI.

1. MarbleFlows

MarbleFlows is a no-code user onboarding and lead generation software. It not only helps you with customer onboarding but generating hot leads, upsells existing customers, and automates your workflow with its easy-to-use no-code builder.

Some common use cases of MarbleFlows include:

  • Improving product adoption through gamified interactive experience through polls, pop-ups, surveys, forms, for the site’s visitors.
  • Upsell customers and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Generate and convert more leads through relevant pop-ups and personalized customer journeys.

Key features

  • No-code builder to create amazing pop-ups, onboarding flows, and journeys in-app and website.
  • A variety of content blocks to create the journey you need: text, images, videos, buttons, and games.
  • Get a deep dive into your audience’s behavior through its extensive analytics dashboard.
  • Embed anywhere – Easily shared via link, widget, or an iframe to the place you need it.

Marble Flows pricing

Free plan:

MarbleFlows offers a free plan with basic features such as 1000flow views/month, analytics, and access to all templates. If you want to learn more about the tool, give it a free trial.

Paid plan:

MarbleFlows offers two paid plans:

  • Scale: $12.99/month with 3000 flows/month, 3 editor seats and priority support.
  • Growth: $59.99/month with everything from scale’s and 15l flow views/month, 5 editor seats and data export.

Why choose MarbleFlows?

Marble Flows is your complete toolkit to onboard new users through interactive journeys and A/B tests to get statistically significant results and generate more leads. The tool offers all this at budgeted pricing compared to other tools.

2. Google Forms

Google form is a free tool offered by Google that you get when you sign up with Google. It's one of the versatile tools that help you create forms and surveys and measure the response in real-time.

opinion stage. Alternatives. Google Forms

Key features

  • See your responsednet's responses in real-time
  • Share forms using links, emails, or embed on your website or app.
  • Add various questions and customize the font size, color, etc.
  • Secure and comply with privacy regulations. So, no need to worry about the respondents' data.

Google Forms pricing:

Free plan:

The Google form’s free plan is free for lifetime in which you can have

  • 15 GB per user drive storage
  • 100 participants in Google Meet video conferencing, and
  • Gmail secure email

Paid plans:

The pricing starts at $6/month with 100 participant video meetings, 30 GB storage per user and standard support. For more advanced and upgraded features, you can choose the business ($12/month) or business plus plan ($18/month)

If you want more advanced features and enhanced support, you can choose the enterprise plan and get the pricing by contacting Google’s sales team. The enterprise plan offers all the features of the above-mentioned plans plus more.

Why consider Google Forms?

Google form is a great form-builder tool across the entire G-suite. This facilitates easy collaboration and integration, giving you the flexibility to see the form data across different platforms.

3. Riddle

Riddle is an online quiz maker that helps you generate more leads via interactive and responsive quizzes and reduces customer acquisition costs.

One feature that stands out most is its lead form submission tracking. The tool helps you track your form conversion using Facebook pixel and Google tag manager.

Opinion Stage alternatives. Riddle Quiz Maker

Key features:

  • Embed your quizzes on diverse platforms: Websites, social media, and Youtube videos.
  • Connect Riddle with your marketing software stack and streamline your lead collection process.
  • Add forms to your quizzes for collecting leads by building them in Riddle’s drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Keep your audience’s data secure, as each form and quiz is GDPR compliant.

RiddleQuiz Maker pricing

Free plans:

14-day free trial to explore all the features of the chosen plan.

Paid plans:

You can get access to Riddle’s features with these three paid plans:

  • Pro: $69/month with unlimited quizzes and lead collection.
  • Team: $299/month with Pro’s feature and CSS editor and upto 10 domain to embed content
  • Enterprise: Customizable

Why choose Riddle quiz maker?

Riddle offers all the tools you need to create secure, responsive, and interactive quizzes to drive more signups, increasing your lead database. Unlike other tools, Riddle offers a 30-day money guarantee if you don’t get the result they claim.

4. Tryinteract

Tryinteract is a quiz-building tool that helps you create interactive quizzes which you can embed on your website and social media platforms to grow your email list, segment website visitors, and convert them into leads.

Opinion Stage alternatives. Tryinteract

Key features:

  • Integrate with 30+ marketing platforms to streamline your lead generation and engagement process.
  • Browse through 50+ quiz templates for different industries, including fashion, coaching, entrepreneurship, and finance.
  • Get higher engagement by making quizzes conversational and personalized.

Tryinteract pricing:

Free plan:

Tryinteract offers a 14-day free trial to access its interactive quiz maker and see it in action.

Paid plans:

The paid plans starts at $39/month with 500 leads/month, 5 quizzes and one team member and goes upto $209/month with increased number of leads, quizzes, and user access.

Why choose Tryinteract?

The tool is made to help empower digital entrepreneurs, creators, and brands by building true connections with their audience. If you want to build quizzes to interact with your website and social media followers, Tryinteract would be best.

5. Questback

Questback is a survey and feedback collection platform offering various ways to measure customer and employee experience and run deep, insightful market research, all with forms and surveys.

Opinion Stage alternatives. Questback

Key features

1. Employee experience solution

  • Use scoring and test your colleagues on different topics
  • Create seamless workflows via HRM system integrations

2. Customer experience solution

  • Collect customer feedback through the NPS survey
  • Evaluate events, workshops, and courses through feedback forms and surveys.

3. Market research

  • Build and track KPIs to get a holistic perspective of your data
  • Share market research results seamlessly with integrations.

Questback pricing

Questback’s pricing is divided into three categories based on its three solutions. To get the pricing for each plan, you can request it on their website, and for the starter plan, they offer you a 14-days free trial.

Paid plans:

Questback offers three plans fro each category which are:

  • Starter with upto 3 users
  • Business with upto 5 users
  • Enterprise with upto 8 users

Why choose Questback?

If you want to increase your employee and customer experience, Questback will be the best solution for you. The platform offers forms and surveys to streamline communication with your target audience, employees, and customers.


Whether you're onboarding new customers or creating landing pages to attract more visitors, you won't get a good result if you don't put your customer's needs and experiences first. The opinion stage is an amazing tool with many alternatives, a few of which we've covered in this article.

It's time to choose based on your budget and the features you're looking for. MarbleFlows will be your best bet if you want a platform that can onboard users, drive more sign-ups, and create an interactive experience for your audience.