Lead generation tools can help reduce time and effort by automating many tasks, offering you an extensive dashboard to assess the performance of your lead generation efforts. This article will discuss how to choose the right lead platform and a list of 9 recommended lead generation tools.

#1 What makes a good lead generation software?

Lead generation is done through various tools and software and each comes with different functions to complete a specific task.

So, the features might not apply to all the lead generation softwares. For example, an email finder tool might not require an extensive analytics dashboard, but a simple UI will suffice.

The features we have mentioned below should be there in every lead generation tool except a few (depending on the use case of it)

  • Extensive analytics dashboard

Having the correct data is the lifeline of every organization. This holds true for the tools you'll use for generating high-quality leads. The tool must help you assess the statistics over time and offer useful insights to take action. Besides, the analytics dashboard should be easy to understand so that you can analyze it without much help.

  • Setup task automation

Look for tools that allow you to automate time-consuming, less valuable tasks so that sales reps can invest their time in much higher output tasks such as demo calls. Automation can help in analyzing data, reaching out to prospective leads, nurturing leads, and so on.

  • Integrate easily with CRM and sales tool

Lead generation isn't limited to a single tool, as a variety of tools help you perform certain tasks. So, to save time and make lead generation as seamless as possible, tools should offer the required integration.

  • Easy to navigate interface

The tool must have an easy-to-use and navigate interface so that every team can use it without much technical know-how. Both the marketing and sales team uses lead gen tools, and if any of these faces any difficulty, your lead generation process might suffer.

  • Fits your budget

At last, a tool must fit under the budget assigned for lead generation. But, if you think the tool offers all the right combinations but goes a little over the budget, it's something to contemplate with your team.

#2 What are the different kinds of lead generation solutions?

Lead generation tools

Lead generation is a complex activity requiring several tools to perform different functions. Some of the tasks you need a tool for include:

  • On-page lead generation

These tools store website visitor’s  data that you can use to assess the visitor's interaction and quality. For example, sign-up forms, pop ups, inline forms, etc. are some of the ways to convert website visitors into leads.

  • Email address finder tools

Emails are the most accessible way to reach out to prospective leads. Email finder or lookup tools let you extract, validate and reach out to your Ideal customer persona (ICPs).

  • Communication tools

Communication is non-negotiable to find and connect with your leads. For that, there are communication tools available such as live chatbots. These chatbots are available for your website's visitors 24*7, helping you engage them even when you are not around.

Besides, emails, SMS, and video calls are other ways to communicate, and there are tools available to do that.

  • Email automation tools

Emails are the most personal and direct channel to reach out to your prospective customers. But, writing each email is tiresome. That's why you need email automation tools to create email drip campaigns to reach out to leads and engage with them.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools

CRM software is a must-have to store and manage your leads database. CRM software will create a central database accessible to everyone in an organization. It's like a library for all the information on your leads and can help both the sales and marketing teams.

#3 Top 9 best lead generation solutions for every use case

Here's our recommended list of 9 amazing lead generation software to help you streamline your lead generation efforts:

1. MarbleFlows: Interactive funnels 

Marbleflows helps you build interactive funnels to generate more leads, engage with them and create a smooth first-time onboarding experience. With MarbleFlows you can also increase retention rate by upselling customers using different interactive flows.


  • No-code interactive flow builder
  • Library of pre-made flow templates to choose from
  • Extensive analytics dashboard to assess the performance of flows

MarbleFlows pricing:

  • Lifetime free plan with basic features including 1000 flow views/month
  • The paid plan starts at Euro 12.99 per month with all the free plan features, more editor seats and flow views
  • Make a custom plan as per your requirement.

Check out the Marbleflows detailed pricing.

2. Leadfeeder: Website visitor identification

Leadfeeder is a B2B lead capture tool that identifies companies people belong to who are visiting your website. This tool is most suitable for salespeople, marketers, and agencies looking to capture leads through their websites.

Lead generation tools. Leadfeeder


  • Integrate with sales and marketing apps
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Personalized email alerts
  • Versatile filtering

Leadfeeder pricing: 

  • It offers a 14 days free trial with data retention of 7 days and can reach out to a maximum of 100 leads.
  • Premium versions start at Euro 79 giving you all the benefits leadfeeder offers.

3. Overloop: Sales automation

Overloop is highly focused on multi-channel outbound campaigns, letting you run multiple sales conversions on automation and convert more leads.

Lead generation tools. Overloop


  • Contact management using dynamic smart segments.
  • Drag-and-drop sales pipeline builder
  • Email automation and tracking
  • Integrate with your favourite apps and tools.

Overloop pricing:

  • Overloop offers a 14-day free trial, and the premium version starts at 99/user/month, offering you all the features.
  • Email address finder starts at 39/month with 250 credits and can range up to 10,000 credits for 499/month.

4. FindThatLead: Email send out tool

FindThatLead is a sales prospecting tool that helps you send ultra-personalized automated email campaigns that target the right users at the right time. You can create emails for prospecting, and marketing using this tool in less time and get higher conversions.

Lead generation tools. FindThatLead


  • Automate and customize email campaigns
  • Find prospects in your locality
  • Use social media URLs to find email addresses
  • Integrate with your favorite tools and apps

FindThatLead pricing:

  • It offers a lifetime free plan that you can use without paying anything but with limited features.
  • The paid plans start from 
  • $49 per user/month with 5000 monthly credits.
  • $150 for 4 users/month with 15,000 credits.
  • $399 for 6 users/ month with 30,000 monthly credits.

5. Snov.io: Sales lead generation tool

Snov.io is among the best tools to generate sales qualified leads from any online source - Linkedin, Facebook ads, Emails, Social media, etc.

The tool offers a hub of active lead generation tools including sales CRM, an automated drip campaign builder, and an email search tool.

Lead generation tools. Snov.io


  • 2,000+ integrations and easy REST API.
  • Email drip campaigns with deep personalization.
  • Intuitive dashboard to onboard, engage, and convert leads.
  • Chrome extension to find and verify email addresses.

Snov.io pricing:

  • Snov.io offers a free plan for a lifetime without any credit required. You get a fully functioning integrated CRM in your account.
  • The paid plans for the sales suite start from $39 to $738.

6. Hunter: Email addresses search tool

Hunter is an easy-to-use email lookup tool for sales and marketing people.

All you have to do is enter the domain name, and it will run that domain through a public database and give you the email addresses belonging to that domain. Before giving you the email addresses, it runs a verification test to validate the authenticity of an email address.

If the verification column isn't complete, it assigns a confidence score based on various data points to assess the validity of the address.

Lead generation tools. Hunter.io


  • Hunter email finder browser extension and Google sheet add-on
  • Search and verify lists of email addresses using the bulk tool
  • Create campaigns and follow-up emails
  • Connect with CRM, third-party apps, and automation tools

Hunter pricing:

  • Free plan with 25 email searches per month and other limited features.
  • Paid plans start at $49, depending on your required monthly searches.
  • Customized plans for enterprises.

7. Poptin: Popup tool

If used correctly, Popups can be a great way to capture a website's visitors without annoying them. To create amazing popups, Poptin should be your go-to popup tool. No matter which industry you operate in, Poptin's customized popups will help you engage with leads visiting your website.

Lead generation tools. Poptin


  • Drag-and-drop popup builder
  • Pre-made templates to inspire from
  • Integrate with emails and CRM tools
  • In-built A/B testing tool

Poptin pricing:

  • Free plan with 1000 visitors per month and limited to a single user
  • The paid plans start at $25 per month with 10,000 visitors/month, and the price increases as the number of visitors increases.
  • Customizes plan for your organization

8. Leadquizzes: Quiz tool

Quizzes are among the best interactive ways to engage your audience, and with Leadquizzes, you can create an online quiz in no time. It is a no-code online quiz maker that offers a variety of quiz formats to engage visitors, scale business and generate higher quality leads.

Lead generation tools. Leadquizzes


  • Pre-made customizable templates
  • Drag-and-drop quiz builder
  • Real-time analytics
  • Easy integration with your sales and marketing tools

Leadquizzes pricing:

  • 14-days free trial.
  • The paid plans start at $49 per month and range up to $249 per month, depending upon the number of website accounts.
  • If you choose an annual plan, you will get a 30-month money guarantee.

9. Intercom: A communication tool

Intercom can be your go-to communication tool to streamline the conversation and reach out to more leads. It is an engagement platform that paves a direct path between you and your customers with its live chat and inbox feature.

The more smooth the conversation, the better the customer experience.

Lead generation tools. Intercom


  • Customizable Live Chatbots to engage website visitors
  • In-built, highly customized, and super fast inbox
  • Integrate with 300+ apps across the marketing and sales team
  • Personalized and targeted communication

Intercom pricing:

  • Intercom's pricing is divided into two categories: One for very small businesses and the rest of the businesses.
  • You can customize the plan as per your requirement if you are an enterprise.


There you have it.

A list of the best lead generation solutions for different use cases. By keeping your requirements and budget in mind, you can make your choice, engage, and convert more leads.

But remember, these tools will benefit you if you are clear about whom you want to target. A tool can only be your assistant; you need to feed it with the right information to generate the expected output.