Poptin is a website tool that helps owners convert their online visitors into leads and subscribers. 

What is Poptin?

The tool helps you drive sales through attractive popups and forms. The tool lets you create intuitive popups and forms you can embed in your website. With numerous predesigned templates and a drag-and-drop feature, the tool enables you to go as creative with your website as you want. Some of the prominent features of the tools are predesigned templates, different types of popups, no-code customization features, mobile-optimized popups, and the ability to target visitors based on your preferences. 

Poptin pricing

You can try the tool for free for 1000 visitors per month with one domain and unlimited options. For agencies, the subscription is $199/month for 150,000 visitors, unlimited domains, and unlimited options.

But if you want to explore other Poptin alternatives, we have curated the list of the best alternatives for Poptin for you to explore.

Poptin alternatives

9 Best Poptin alternatives

1. MarbleFlows

Overview: If you are looking for an unlimited form generation tool, try MarbleFlows, which lets you create no-code lead generation flows. Create resizable canvases and unlimited customisation possibilities with creative and interactive content that users will love to click on. 

Features: The no-code editor makes it easy to navigate and create engaging flows for your audience. The unlimited content blocks feature lets you add a variety of content blocks to your flows, like text, images, video, buttons, and games. You can embed the flow easily and share it via a link, widget, or iframe. 

Pros: Marble is a simple and no-frills online form-generation tool. You can generate unlimited flows using the tool in no time. It is very easy to set up. You will find the tutorials engaging and useful to get started, create quizzes easily, offer an unlimited number of creators, and offers clear analytics. 

“Easy, Simple & Great! This software is cool and easy to use without any programming knowledge.”

Source: Trustpilot customer review

Pricing: If you are a small business owner with a limited budget, you will find MarbleFlows the best option. As per the G2 review, the tool is 49% less expensive than any other lead generation tool in the same category.

You can also use the tool for free or request a customized quote if you are considering it for a larger team. If you plan to scale your business, you can purchase the subscription for $12.99 monthly. 

Poptin alternatives. MarbleFlows features

2. Popupsmart

Overview: Popupsmart is a popular no-code form builder tool that engages with your website visitors in minutes. You can use the tool to build email lists, gamify your campaign, make announcements, reduce cart abandonment, and facilitate social media sharing to boost e-commerce sales easily. 

Features: The tool offers pre-designed templates on various themes like opt-in forms, opt-out forms, top bars, and CTAs for pop-up messages. The tool empowers you to target visitors based on your criteria ( cookies, previous history, geolocation, etc.). You can easily integrate the tool with popular CRM and marketing software. 

Pros: It is easy to use, lots of templates are already built-in, so you can get started quickly, and it has lots of triggers and targeting available based on the criteria you provide. The customer support is good and has great analytics too. 

Cons: The tool is expensive compared to other tools in the same category, although it offers the same functionality. There is no monthly subscription, and it offers only an annual subscription. Domain verification may take time. 

Pricing: For 5000 pageviews, you can explore the tool for free. For the enterprise level, the cost will be $1290 in an annual plan. 

Poptin alternatives. Popupsmart

3. Optimonk

Overview: OptiMonk is a conversion optimization tool that increases sales. The tool creates personalised launch popups, sidebars, and notification bars in a no-code way. As their website says, if you want to treat your visitors as people and not traffic, Optimonk has solutions for each stage in the buyers' journey.

The tool can help you convert traffic into sales by promoting special offers, facilitating social shares, recommending products, and collecting feedback. 

Features: The A/B testing features help you to choose which ad will help you convert better. Behavioral targeting helps deliver certain ads based on user behavior.

The report and analytics feature enables tracking clicks on conversions on retargeting ads. The tool empowers you to do time-based or behavior-based pop-up campaigns. 

Pros: The live chat support, the drag-and-drop feature, and the predesigned templates are pretty handy. The tool is simple to use, and anyone can use it even without any coding knowledge. The customer support team and the devs team resolve any problem. 

Cons: You may find it difficult to tweak and edit the templates. The mobile version of the tool is not so user-friendly. It doesn't have templates for nonsales products. HTML/CSS integration is not user-friendly, and there is no WYSIWYG editor. The customer support team is not so helpful. There is scope to improve the analytics feature.

Pricing: Optimonk has four pricing levels. You can try the tool for free and pay $199/ month for an enterprise-level premium subscription.

Poptin alternatives. Optinmonk

4. Sleeknote

Overview: Sleeknote is a popular popup builder, along with forms, sidebars, slide-ins, and gamification. With a few clicks, you can grow a segmented email list, convert your traffic into sales, guide the visitors with the kind of product recommendations they want to see, and invite visitors to interact with you. 

Features: The tool boasts some cool features to design interactive popups without coding or designing knowledge using drag-and-drop. There are more than 100 popup templates, customizable fonts, and customizable elements.

The tool lets you add videos and HTML. It has powerful features for e-commerce marketers, like advanced analytics, goal tracking, and split testing. 

Pros: Hubspot integration is the most significant advantage of this tool. Creating popups is super easy. The design and simplicity of the tool are the main attractions of this tool. The predesigned templates can be easily editable. 

Cons: Analytics can be improved with better integration with third-party tools like Google products and CRM. The backend UI can be improved. The visual design of the tools can be more sophisticated. 

Pricing: Sleeknote has five different pricing plans. The basic plan ( Lite) starts at 49 Euros/per month, while the Premium plan is 369 Euros/per month.

Poptin alternatives. Sleeknote

5. Adoric

Overview: A simple conversion optimization tool that helps you to convert your visitors to customers, grow your mailing list, and boost your sales. The tool lets you personalize messages using the Adoric algorithm. Adoric’s editor enables you to drag-and-drop images so that you can edit and design in minutes. Integrate your new leads with your email provider by connecting to your email provider with a single click. 

Features: The tool has cool features like 10,000 free graphic elements, tons of templates to explore, a drag-and-drop builder, and forms for growing your mailing list. The countdown FOMO tool is a nice addition that helps you build engagement. Other useful features are on-screen position, grids, multi-step messages, and crop. 

Pros: It’s not just a pop-up platform. You can segment campaigns based on behavior, links, and time spent on the page, and manage cookies. The tool lets you easily create any type of pop-up. Adoric platform has high flexibility with a drag-and-drop editor so that you can target any type of audience using cookies, JS, and more. It’s a tool that is made easy for everyone.

Cons: Adoric has a new product recommendation tool, which needs more improvements and flexibility for better usability. 

Pricing: Adoric has four pricing plans. The basic pack is aimed at new websites that want to meet their sales goals. It’s free for 1000 page views and a single domain. The standard enterprise-level pack has all the features and insights that will pull your website conversion to the next level. The plan is at $79/month. 

Poptin alternatives. Adoric

6. Wisepops

Overview: Wisepops is an onsite marketing platform that engages, converts, and retain your website visitors. The tool helps you to deliver a personalised experience to your visitors through popups, embeds, a notification feed, and bars. 

Features: Some of the prominent features of the tools include AB testing, campaign planning, asset management, activity dashboard, campaign scheduling, report and analytics, lead capture, drag-and-drop feature, performance metrics, email marketing, Drip campaigns, and more. 

Pros: Wisepops is super easy to use. The one-click integration with Actito makes it very powerful because you can activate the engagement with the audience in real time. 

Cons: Its biggest disadvantage is its price. The tool is much more expensive than other tools in the same category. 

Pricing: For monthly $83, you can engage your visitors with unlimited campaigns, unlimited users, A/B testing, and scheduling. 

Poptin alternatives. Wisepops

7. Hello bar

Overview: Hello Bar is a lead generation pop-up tool that helps you generate leads, build your social media following, reduce cart abandonment, and grow your email list.

Forbes Top Ten digital marketer Neil Patel and his team have spent over a decade perfecting the tool by tweaking the pop-up strategies. It is simple to use – you can create customer pop-ups in less than five minutes. You can integrate it with any third-party app. 

Features: Some of the tool's top features include bars, modals, and siders that help create beautiful popups for your site. The advanced targeting feature allows to create the maximum impact. It’s easy to use with a 1-click installation and no code. 

Pros: It's simple to create A/B tests and improve your numbers when capturing emails or sending people to other landing pages.

Cons: It works well for beginners and companies with simple strategies. However, the tool needs improvement to support complex marketing strategies where companies operate in multiple languages. It also doesn’t have HubSpot integration. 

Pricing: There are four levels of pricing - Elite, Premium, Growth, and Starter. The Starter pack is free and offers up to 5000 page views per month. The Elite pack is $99/month. It has up to 500000 pageviews/month, an unlimited number of popups, premium level support, and integrations. 

Poptin alternatives. Hello Bar

8. Convertful

Overview: Convertful is a SaaS-based lead management tool that helps you acquire leads using smart behavior-based signup forms. You can create subscription forms in minutes using the tool’s drag-and-drop feature. Since no coding is needed, it is super easy for anyone on the team to use the tool. 

Features: The tool has many exciting features like pop-ups, floating bars, fullscreen welcome mats, embedded inline widgets, and floating buttons. Using these features, you can create different gamification, segmentation surveys, welcome video pop-ups, cart abandonment pop-ups, quiz funnels, contests, and coupon boxes. 

Pros: The tool is simple and easy to set up. It lets you create great-looking forms for your website. They look nice and load fast.

Cons: The tool doesn't have integrations with all the different email solutions, although they have webhooks so that you can integrate Convertful with other tools. 

Pricing: There are four pricing plans. The basic plan is free, while the agency plan is $199/month.

Poptin alternatives. Convertful

9. Sumo

Overview: Sumo is an email capture tool that helps you get more customers from your website traffic and convert them into lifetime buyers. You can use the tool to create pop-up campaigns, advertise discounts and generate leads.

Features: The tool has various plugins for Shopify, WordPress, and Google Tag Manager. The tool's key features are contact collections, which allow users to collect contact information. It lets you garner audience demographics and audience behavior. 

Pros: You can collect emails and offer discounts to increase conversion.

Cons: It is quite complex to start using it for the first time. However, once you get used to it, it becomes simple. 

Pricing: There are four pricing plans — the basic one starts for free for 200 subscribers. For e-commerce, it is $79/month with unlimited subscribers.

Poptin alternatives. Sumo

Making the right choice

While Poptin is a great lead capture tool, we hope our list of Poptin alternative tools will help you find the right tool for your business and get the most out of it.

Written by Chayanika Sen.