Some data suggests that in 2020 there were almost 8000 solutions available for use. But then, who keeps the count? The point here is that today businesses have enormous choices of marketing tools to include in their MarTech stack. The SaaS model has made it super easy to access these tools anytime. And the subscription model has made it pocket-friendly too. 

saas marketing tools 2020

Businesses don't contemplate much before investing in a tool because the subscription model helps them pick the features and pay only for useful ones. No need to buy a complete license for a tool!

While having choices are great, having too many options can make it difficult for you to cut through the clutter and pick the right fit. But you don't need to go through that daunting task of scrutinizing every tool because we have curated the list of nine SaaS marketing tools you must include in your technology stack.

1. SaaS marketing tool for video marketing: Loom

Loom has been creating some buzz in the video marketing space for quite some time. It’s a great tool for asynchronous meetings. It lets you create quick videos and record the screen that you can share with your clients, colleagues, and customers. You can even exchange comments at certain points in the video. You can also record videos and embed them in your website or other third-party tools like Notion, so you save for video hosting. 

Things that you can do with a Loom video:

  • Welcome new users with an introductory welcome video
  • Reach out to your existing customers with a personalised video to get user feedback, request testimonials, and case studies
  • Create informative Loom videos about your new products/features/updates to gain more engagement
  • Help new users to get started with the application with a step-by-step Loom video

Pricing:  A free version of the tool is available where you can create 25 Loom videos. The subscription plan starts at $8 per creator per month. An enterprise plan is also available. 

What a happy customer says:

“You can save so much time in your communications by making videos and easily sending them to colleagues and clients for review. Things that are difficult to put into written words or could be easily misunderstood can be explained in the video, and you can share any part of your screen to ensure there is no room for error. You can even exchange comments at certain points within the video. It is also easy to embed videos in websites and other tools, such as Notion, so there is no need to pay for video hosting either.”

Customer feedback, Source: G2

2. SaaS marketing tool for content marketing: Answer the Public

Answer the Public is one of the most underrated tools for content marketing. It is a simple keyword research tool that removes all the guesswork and presents marketers with raw and instant insights direct from the minds of their potential customers. The tool listens and autocompletes data from search engines and picks up phrases and questions people are asking about your keyword. 

Things that you can do with Answer the Public

  • Get instant access to what people are searching on the internet
  • Take a peek into your customer’s minds and answer their queries through your content
  • The tool lets you tap into a never explored content mine

Pricing: There is a Freemium model to explore how the site works (3 searches/day). If you like what you see, you can buy a subscription from any of the three packages starting at $99/month. 

What a happy customer says:

“When it comes to writing content AnswerThePublic ensures that it's as optimised and targeted as possible. It's helping us grow with the organic keywords. We can answer people’s questions as closely as possible, so we're showing a lot more.”

Customer feedback, Source: Answer the Public website

SaaS marketing tools. Answer the Public

3. SaaS marketing tool for lead generation: MarbleFlows

MarbleFlows is a no-code platform to create user onboarding, A/B testing, and lead generation Flows. If you are looking for a no-code funner builder, check out MarbleFlows. Create lead generation funnels for a variety of use cases with several customisation options. If you need a pocket-friendly tool to create creative and interactive content that will entice the reader to ‘click’ you should try MarbleFlows. 

Things that MarbleFlows can do for you

  • Convert and upsell to your visitors 
  • Different brands have leveraged MarbleFlows and increased their revenue by 15% via onboarding, and you can too
  • Create interactive flows and funnels to interact with your users
  • The pre-designed templates can help you get started instantly 

Pricing: You can get started for free, with unlimited content and flows to explore how the tool works. If you like what you see, and want access to more features, you can try the three different pricing plans, starting at $12.99/month. 

What a happy customer says:

“Simple and easy to use. Plus, a more pleasing and less crowded design than most platforms” 

Source: G2 review 

saas marketing tools. MarbleFlows

4. SaaS marketing tool for user insights: Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the best user insights tools out there. The tool helps you gauge user behavior and how they feel about your page so that your product team can work on it and deliver what the user wants. 

Things Hotjar can do for you

  • Measure visitor behavior in real-time while they are on your site. 
  • The different behavior analytics tools like heatmaps and funnel analytics help you gauge what peaks interest in your visitor and what doesn't. 
  • You can rely on Hotjar to increase your signups and leads if you are a self-serve SaaS. 
  • The actionable insights help you drive user engagement on your website. 

Pricing: You can experience the tool in their freemium model. If you want to continue with the service and get more insights from the tool, you can choose from any of the three pricing plans, starting at 31 euros. 

What a happy customer says

“Hotjar is a really good tool for analytics and for tracking user experience. It is an incredible tool to get a deep understanding of how people interact with websites. The tool has plenty of features and the interface is very user-friendly. No need to delete or manage video sessions with continuous recording options. Can able to get feedback with the Ask feature.”
SaaS marketing tools. Hotjar

5. SaaS marketing tool for website analytics: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the number one choice among marketers to measure their website analytics. It helps you up your customer experience with digital analytics for a website and mobile app. The best thing about this tool is it is free! 

Things Google Analytics can do for you

  • Helps you improve customer experience
  • Derive insights about your website
  • Take a peek at where your audiences are coming (geo-demographic details)
  • View which pages are performing better

Pricing: Free

What a happy customer says:

“Google Analytics is the best way to know about our audience. I can easily determine the behaviour of our audience that they like our content or not.”

6. SaaS marketing tool for SEO: Semrush 

Ask any marketer which is their favorite marketing research tool, and most likely, you will hear it SEMrush. SEMrush is an online visibility management tool that has over 55 different products and tools. The tool has many capabilities, from keyword search to content management to social media management.

This tool will measure session length, page views, scrolling time, and many such engagement features. The entry and exit page is another useful feature that lets you see where your website visitors enter and exit the site. 

Things SEMrush can do for you

  • Leverage the SEO related tools to improve your ranking
  • Derive reports on your social media campaigns
  • Manage your social media content across channels
  • Analysis of different metrics for digital analytics

Pricing: There are four pricing plans. You can explore SEMrush with a free account. The Business account is $449.95 /month which is apt for agencies. 

What a happy customer says:

“SEMrush is no doubt one of the readymades built to find appropriate keyword analysis. backlink gap and keyword gap are the two most important features of SEMrush. The review managment for lcoal listing report is another wonderful feature in SEMrush. “
SaaS marketing tools. Semrush

7. SaaS marketing tool for social media management: Buffer

Buffer helps in publishing and analyzing your social media content across channels. It customizes campaigns, social publishing, and social analytics. The content calendar is handy — it helps the team schedule content in a timeline. It automates the content approval process.

The shared inbox is a convenient feature that lets you collect customer messages from multiple channels. Use the campaign planning feature to categorize your campaigns easily. 

What Buffer can do for you

  • Buffer can monitor your social media performance
  • It lets you create, manage, and post content across various social media channels
  • The social media calendar helps you schedule social media content
  • It automates the content publishing process so that the managers verify the posts before getting posted

Pricing: You can use a free Buffer account for limited features or buy a subscription for $100/month if you are an agency. 

What a happy customer says

“Powerful, interactive and one place for almost all the required features to run campaigns in this dynamic and fast moving world. I can monitor and study customer responses of different social media platforms from one place.”
SaaS marketing tools. Buffer

8. SaaS marketing tool for email outreach: Intercom

Intercom is an automated tool for customer support and lead generation for SaaS companies. The SaaS customer journey is a long process with multiple touchpoints. Intercom helps to manage each of these touch points to improve communication and strengthen a long-relationship. 

What Intercom can do for you

  • The Live Chat helps to touch base with the customer at the right moment to increase interactions.
  • Imbibe on-site Chatbots to offload your customer representatives and offer faster resolutions. 
  • Support bots offer Q&A sessions and articles to resolve customer queries. 
  • Easily share product updates, announcements, and promotional emails, attract traffic and let them take action. 
  • Guide first-time customers and give them a product tour. Guide them through different product features. 

Pricing: The tool has three pricing ranges so you can choose what works best for your team. 

What a happy customer says

“Intercom is by far the leader in live chat software, from its capabilities and reach to its versatility via extensions, you can do so much with it and when your users interact with it, the experience is immediately familiar to them, which makes it feel simple and reliable.”

Source: G2

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Finally, you are here! Hope you have found this article useful and helped you decide how you want your MarTech stack to look. 

Written by Chayanika Sen.