Product onboarding process

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Product onboarding is like throwing a grand debut party for a brand new product! Just like how a debutant needs to get ready for her big day, a product needs to go through a series of preparations before it can make its grand entrance to the market.

First, we have the "getting ready" phase, also known as product development. This is where we gather all the necessary "accessories" such as customer needs, product concept and design, and prototypes to make sure our debutant is ready to shine.

Next, we have the pre-launch activities, where we make sure our debutant is looking her best. This includes creating marketing materials, building a website, and inviting some "beta testers" to give her a spin before the big day.

Once everything is set, it's time for the "debut" aka the launch. This is where we officially introduce our product to the world and show off all the hard work we've put in. We could throw a press release, launch event, or other promotional activities.

After the debut, we still need to make sure our debutant is well taken care of, that's where post-launch support comes in. This could include providing customer support, conducting market research, or developing new features and updates for the product.

Finally, it's time to check on how our debutant is doing, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure she's the belle of the ball. This is the track and improve phase.

Overall, product onboarding process is a fun journey of introducing a new product to the market, making sure it's ready for the spotlight, and ensuring it continues to shine.

New user onboarding template