Customer satisfaction icons stock comparisons

What is a customer satisfaction icon?

The customer satisfaction icon is a small image that appears on a website or mobile app to let visitors know that the company cares about their satisfaction. It is generally placed in a prominent location, such as the header or footer of the page so that visitors will see it when they first arrive at the site. The customer satisfaction icon can be used to link to a satisfaction survey or customer service contact information. Including the customer satisfaction icon on your site shows visitors that you are committed to providing a positive experience and meeting their needs.

10 inspiration customer satisfaction icons

The customer satisfaction icons vary by the format, so for example you can find customer satisfaction icon vector. Also they vary by the type. You maybe looking that your all icons will be customer satisfaction icon round icons. The customer satisfaction icons typically have number of formats which showcase the users satisfaction and the most common includes:

1. Happy and satisfied customers

2. Smiles

3. Customer satisfaction surveys

4. Medals or badges

5. People with thumbs up

6. Stars
This is a great example of customer satisfaction survey icon.

7. Checkboxes and Scales

8. Customer satisfaction infographic

9. Customer satisfaction professionals

This is an example of customer satisfaction face icons.

10. Customer support team

Where to use the customer satisfaction icon

Icon for customer satisfaction can be used to show in different places on website and in product, in onboarding of the users or gathering their feedback.

1.Customer satisfaction icons for website

Little customer satisfaction icon images that show up on websites and products to let us know how others have rated them

2. Customer satisfaction icon in the blog

Icons are a great way to add visual interest to your blog posts. For the blog you can use customer satisfaction face icons. This satisfaction icon can be used in a blog post about anything that brings you satisfaction. It could be a new purchase, an accomplishment, or simply something that made you happy.

3. Customer satisfaction icon for product

To showcase the satisfaction with the product.

4. For customer satisfaction survey

To identify the satisfaction of the users

5. On sign up page

Example from Play Play, how onboarding icons can be used on the sign up form


6. In knowledge center

To showcase the button to reach the support team you can add their icon for customer satisfaction. If you are building in product help center, the icons can be used there. If you are creating the knowledge base widget you can add their customer satisfaction icons.

Where to find the best icon?

There are many websites that offer satisfaction icons. However, not all of these websites are created equal. Some sites offer icons that are of poor quality, while others charge exorbitant prices. So, where can you find the best satisfaction icon?

The answer is simple: on Iconfinder is the leading search engine for icons, and it offers satisfaction icons that are both high-quality and affordable. In addition, Iconfinder has a wide variety of satisfaction icons to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect icon for your needs. Find above comparison table of different icon stocks


On Flaticon you can find diverse icon collections to add to your website or blog. The satisfaction icons are of different formats including vector and svg and both black and white and colorful. Flaticon offers 7.8 million icons, but the free plan is limited and only the PNG format is available for download.  

You can find different customer satisfaction icons here and use them for the customer onboarding process.

The Noun project

On the Noun project, you can find over 3 Millions different black and white icons including customer satisfaction survey images. The website has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, Forbes, and Mashable. The icons are available in various sizes and formats and can be downloaded for free.
The Noun Project is a website that allows users to upload and share icons.


Shutterstock offers a variety of customer satisfaction icons. With over 60 million royalty-free images, vector illustrations, and stock photos, you're sure to find the perfect icon to represent your brand. Plus, with flexible pricing options, you can get the icons you need without breaking the bank. In Shutterstock you can find customer satisfaction survey images and customer satisfaction infographics.

However, on Shutterstock you can not find free customer satisfaction icons.


FreePic offers customer satisfaction icons that businesses can use on their website or in marketing materials.It also offer customer satisfaction infographic. The icons track customer satisfaction ratings over time, so businesses can see how they are improving.

On free pic you can find 3d and modern icons including the onboarding icons.


At UnDraw you can find icons for every industry, from healthcare to retail to education. And each icon is designed to help customers quickly and easily find the information they need. Whether it's a question mark for FAQs or a phone icon for contact information, our icons are designed to help customers get the information they need as quickly and easily as possible.
If you are using the search bar, you will not find icons on the search term "customer satisfaction icon" or "Satisfaction icon" but you can find similar icons for the "rating" keyword.

Undraw is special that you can change the color scheme of each icon.

Icon 8

Icon8 collects over 1.1M free icons for use with every search easily found. The stickers are also a very nice touch as well.

You can find various customer satisfaction icons to fit your website or blog. Showcase the support team or contact the support team.


The website offers a wide variety of icons, including icons for customer service, product quality, and shipping. Iconscout also offers a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the icons. The website does not offer free customer satisfaction icons but you can find customer satisfaction icons for downloading.


Vectorstock is a trusted source for high-quality customer satisfaction icons. With over 100,000 satisfied customers. It offers different icons for customer satisfaction.

On this service, you can also find onboarding icons to create onboarding for your customers and employees. And if you are planning to build any other user journey.

Create a customer feedback widget

If you did not rate your satisfaction with users you can create a customer satisfaction widget and add icons in there.

It is very simple to create customer feedback widget via MarbleFlows template.

Create your customer feedback widget via template

Create a customer satisfaction widget

Using the icon offered on one of the stocks and available in MarbleFlows you.
Create your customer satisfaction widget in clicks